Consider Modular Homes or Modular Components in your Custom Build

Tell anyone that you’re planning to build your own home, and they’ll probably say two things: ‘I would love to do that’ and ‘that’s far too stressful for me to consider’. However, there are ways to make the experience of building a home enjoyable if you opt for modular homes and modular home components in your custom build. Continue reading

Modular Homes in NJ: 4 Great Reasons Why They Merit Your Consideration

If you are in the market for a new home in New Jersey, you might want to consider a modular home. A modular home is a term for a pre-fabricated home built at an industrial location, after which the finished product is transported to their new location to be assembled by a builder. Contrary to popular belief, a modular home is not a mobile home. It is simply a home that is constructed offsite.
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