News 12 Joins Coastal Modular Group To Giveaway $25k To NJ Modular Home Winner

On Saturday, July 20th, representatives from Coastal Modular Group headed to Union Beach, NJ to award Liz Perricone with a $25,000 check toward one of our modular homes. Though they called for rain, the sun prevailed so we could talk with Liz, and so News 12 New Jersey could join us.

Liz was accompanied by her daughter, Pam; Pam’s husband Eric; and her three grands sons Lucas, Frankie, and Paulie. Although, Liz was the contest winner, Pam and her family will be the lucky recipients of the prize toward a new modular home in NJ.

The Plans for Pam and Eric’s NJ Modular Home are Already in Motion

It has only been a few weeks and the design of Pam’s modular home in Union Beach, NJ is already underway. They have decided on a two-story home, and according to Base Flood Elevations, the home will site twelve feet high. This will result in a new, off-street parking under the house, and a master balcony. To sweeten the win, and to help against future storms, Durabuilt Custom Homes is donating hurricane glass windows worth over $10,000 to the new home.

If all goes well, Pam can move back from her temporary home in Somerset, NJ and her boys can get an easier commute to Memorial School in Union Beach in January.

Congratulations to Liz, Pam, Eric, Lucas, Frankie, and Paulie. We love working with you and excited to show you the end results.

Meet the whole family and Coastal Modular group in the News 12 coverage.

Congratulations to Our NJ Modular Home Giveaway Winner

For over two months Coastal Modular Group ran a contest that aimed to help one lucky person better their situation after Hurricane Sandy. We decided to giveaway $25,000 towards one of our NJ modular homes. Everyone had an equal chance to enter through our social media sharing process, and we are happy to have given many participants the chance to win.

The Winner of Our NJ Modular Home Contest

NJ Modular HomesOn June 29th, the drawing was official and Liz Perricone of Union Beach, NJ won the contest. We have been looking forward to meeting with her to discuss the details of her new home. Liz will benefit from our building process that allows for thorough design of a  custom modular home in NJ. Additionally, on Saturday, July 20th NJ News 12 will join us as we congratulate Liz in person.

Union Beach was hit very hard by Hurricane Sandy, and we are happy someone so deserving at Liz will benefit from a our giveaway. Recently, we featured Memorial School in Union Beach on our blog, and how the reopening of the school instilled a sense of normalcy. We hope to help Liz regain a sense of normalcy with the $25,000 toward her new home.

Our designers are going to sit with Liz and allow her to use photographs, sketches, and whatever else she likes to build her dream home. We will then make a 3D rendering of the home where she can take a virtual tour of her design.

Once again, we  would like to congratulate Liz on winning out giveaway, and we look forward to meeting with her on Saturday.

Colonial American Bank Honors Our NJ Modular Home Company

We are proud to be honored as one of Colonial American Bank’s “Businesses of the Month” for July. The Middletown, NJ branch of the bank chose Coastal Modular Group, while the Shrewsbury branch chose Salon De Ja Vu. Although a growing bank, we are happy to be recognized by another small businesses looking to help the community.

We Support Our Community and Yours as Business of the Month

NJ Modular HomesCoast Modular Group not only supports the individuals of NJ, but the businesses as well. Many of the same templates that are used to make our NJ modular homes can be used to design office buildings, which companies like the Colonial American Bank can run their operations in.

Our interior designer can replicate a home devastated by Hurricane Sandy, or strategically layout a conference room for optimal communication. No matter what the duty calls for, we are prepared to help our community get back on its feet.

Once again, everyone at Coastal Modular Group would like to thank our friends at Colonial American Bank. Please feel free to contact us at if you need more information.

Photos of our NJ Modular Home Company at the Jersey Shore Festival

Random light rain with clouds covering and uncovering the sun is not what the forecast called for. However, the Jersey Shore Festival was a great time as the reps from Coastal Modular Group watched motorcycles launch off ramps right next to the tent, played with stacks of wood, and even informed locals on our amazing NJ modular homes.

We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our tent to talk to us or simply to grab one of our pamphlets to learn more about our modular homes.

Win $25k Toward Our NJ Modular Homes at the Jersey Shore Festival

NJ Modular Homes Jersey Shore Festival

With all the expensive music festivals that will be attracting thousands of people this summer, which will you go to? Instead of spending all of your hard earned money, you should head to the FREE Jersey Shore Festival in Seaside Heights. While there come check out our vendor area, and enter for a chance to win $25,000 towards one of our NJ modular homes!

Enjoy Live Music, Car Shows, and Our NJ Modular Homes

The Jersey Shore Festival is perfect for those who have been working all winter to get their lives back in order after Hurricane Sandy. Welcome the warm weather with a refreshing Coors Light, Pacifico, or Spodee, all of which will be in abundance due to their official sponsorships.

Three days of awesome entertainment starts on Friday, May 17th with a silent auction to benefit Sandy victims through Sunday with Coastal Adventures. Bands will be playing in various venues around town all weekend. Saturday will encompass an array of events with the Jersey Shore Car Shows, live outdoor music, and of course the Vendor Village where you can find Coastal Modular Group and enter the $25k NJ modular home giveaway.

If you are a fan of music, autos, the beach, or just having a great time outside without the price of a mortgage, then come join us at the Jersey Shore Festival!

Remember, there is still time to enter the $25k giveaway towards one of our NJ modular homes. Visit to enter today!

Win $25K Towards One of Our Modular Homes in New Jersey

Coastal Modular Group wants to help you get back on your feet with $25,000 towards one of our NJ modular homes. Simply “Like” the Coastal Modular Group Facebook Page, then submit your entry to our Rafflecopter Giveaway below.

You can submit eleven entries to increase your chances of winning, and please let others in need know about the contest. We know you want to win, but it is only fair your friends affected by Hurricane Sandy get a chance as well. Hopefully if they win, they will invite you to dinner when their house is finished.

Once you are done entering the contest, visit the photo gallery of our modular homes in New Jersey to start getting ideas for your dream home. Coastal Modular Group builds custom ranches, cape cods, multifamily homes, two-story homes, and whatever else you would like, so start getting your ideas down!

Enter for Your Chance to Win $25K Towards One of Our Modular Homes in New Jersey

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