New Home Appliances You Needed Yesterday

For the culinary obsessed, the thread count barons, the meticulously cleanly, and the extremely chic, high end appliances are a no brainer. But for the rest of us, those who like convenience, style, and a sense of sophistication without the obsession here are five new age appliances to seek out.

1. The Stylish Motion Sensor Trashcan

motion sensing trash canNobody likes having to touch their trash receptacle to dispose of unwanted grossness, but often times it’s a necessary evil preferable to having a lidless can the lets its odors roam free. You could buy a pedal can to remedy this problem but why do that when the significantly more awesome and convenient sensor can exists.

Check Out: Simple Human Sensor Can $169.99

2. The Oversized Hyper Efficient Washing Machine

Having to do more than one load of laundry a week is practically a crime against nature, new age super washers will evict dirt from your clothes in one convenient laundry cycle.

Check Out: The LG WM8000HVA $1435.10

3. The Fridge/T.V/Computer

LCD equipped fridges have wifi installed allowing you to simultaneously search in vain for your Chinese takeout and lose a game of digital scrabble, what’s not to love?

Check Out: Samsung Four Door Refrigerator $3600

4. The 3d Food Printer Straight out of Star Trek

3D pizzaIf you would prefer to never visit a grocery store again and have a super sleek chrome lined machine just materialize your meals for the rest of your life look no further than the 3d food printer. Its cutting edge, elegant, and bound to confuse your friends into thinking they skipped forward two hundred years into the future when they visit your house.

Check Out: XYZprinting da Vinci 2.0A Duo 3D Printer $599.0

5. The Insanely Precise Coffee Maker

New age coffee makers are basically elite robot baristas trained from birth to make the most excellent cup of coffee ever brewed. Features like precise temperature control, variable strength of the brew controlled by your phone, and the ability to remotely activate your coffee maker all give the new high end machines a sense of futuristic coolness.

Check out: The Smarter Coffee Maker $114.00

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