Our Modular Homes in NJ Are Planned in 3D

One of our clients’ favorite parts of planning their new modular home in NJ is the 3D rendering process. Instead of just seeing a floor plan and letting your imagination run wild, Coastal Modular Group allows you to see exactly how your new home will look and let you explore the interior and exterior of the home.

3D Renderings of Modular Homes in New Jersey

What is the benefit of these 3D models? Well imagine you are have a specific modular home design in mind that features center stairs up to the front door and a simple driveway to the side of the house. Maybe this is the design of your old house and you didn’t know you could easily fit a garage to the right and more that stairs to the left. This design might be perfect if you have an older child as you can put their room above the garage and allow them their own entrance an exit so he/she don’t bother you at night when he/she is home from college. Good news…you don’t have to commit to this design, but you can see it quickly and easily with our 3D modular home plans.

Your designer at Coastal Modular Group will gladly help you figure out the best style and structure for your modular home. You can even explore the interior to see how different different rooms will look and how the simple change of a window frame can completely improve the style of the home.

For more information on how you can start planning your home, please call Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800 2447. You can also get a head start on different design ideas by visiting our NJ modular home gallery.

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