See the Advantages of Modular Homes: Infographic

If you have been reading the Coastal Modular Group bog, you would have seen a few posts about the advantages of modular homes in NJ opposed to stick built. It is easy to understand there is a quicker build time for modular homes because outside elements don’t impact the building process as much. However, have you simply absorbed this information and moved on to what your kitchen or bathroom might look like?

Below is an infographic we found that will help you truly see why constructing modular homes is much more efficient than stick built. Yes, we do know the graphic show the construction of a store, but the concept is the same.

The most crucial part in the inforgraphic is at the 10-day mark. You can see at the same time the site development starts, so does your home. This is where time and efficiency of modular building trumps that of stick building. Instead of the store opening in the graphic, you will be fully moved into your new home. In fact, this graphic says 90-days, but in some cases, we can get your home built and you moved in earlier than that.

To top off the advantages of modular homes, the infographic also includes environmental benefits. We love this part because Coastal is a big fan of green building! Even without the use of recycled materials, your choice of building modular would reduce carbon emissions since of the lower number of vehicles and trips it takes to get your home delivered.

We hope this guide helps clarify what our other blog posts and content on our site explain. Our modular homes in NJ have so many benefits, and we would love for you to take advantage of them. Call Coastal Modular Group today at (732) 800-2447 to get in your new home quicker.

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