Bow and Bay Window Designs for Modular Homes in NJ

With our 3D virtual development software it is easy for our clients to see what their home would look like with features they loved in their last place or that it lacked. This year, one of the most popular additions Coastal Modular Group has incorporated into modular homes in NJ has been bay and bow windows.

Before we show you some great modular home design ideas, we want to clarify what the difference is between bay and bow windows. Most obviously, a bay window has three panels and a bow window has more. This difference has two visual results: bow windows tend to let in more light because they are larger with more glass, and the exterior of the house is more rounded with a bow window while the bay is more angular. We tend to see more bay windows on modern home designs. Since bay windows are built a little further out than bow, they add a bit more interior floor space. Interestingly, those who choose bow windows can wrap it around a corner which makes a nice nook inside and this creates a view from two sides of the home.

Bay and Bow Windows for Your NJ Modular Home

We grabbed these images from one of our favorite home design websites, Houzz. You can see our home designs there at:

There are many, many different bay and bow window designs besides what we showed you above. For example, these windows are also great for extra storage benches with seating in top or added counter space behind the kitchen sink. Now can you see why our modular homes in NJ have been featuring these windows?

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Source for the images (and where you can get more great home design ideas):

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