Making Your New Home Pet-Friendly

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 11.46.53 AMFor so many people their pets are their family, and Coastal Modular Group wants to make sure that every member of your family is considered when designing your home.  If you have pet-friendly ideas that CMG can help you incorporate into your custom modular home design, you are encouraged to bring them to your design meetings.  Check out some of the ideas below to help make your new home pet-friendly…

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Keep Your Modular Home Feeling New With Seasonal TLC

Front of Modular Home in Sea Bright NJWhen you purchase a home the biggest concern initially is the financial responsibility. Then within the first few months you realize owning a home is like running a business, there is always something that requires your attention… CMG is committed to each one of our clients being happy and successful homeowners!

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3 Phases of Prefab Modular Homes After Foundation Is Set

“Prefab modular homes” tends to make people believe their homes are delivered with absolutely everything done and they can move in the day the home is set. However, once your modular home is delivered and set at your site, we have just a few more things to tidy up. Coastal Modular Group breaks this process down in 3 phases in order to ensure everything has gone smoothly and looks perfect. You can also learn more about the advantages of prefab modular homes in NJ here.

Before You Move Into Your New Prefab Modular Home

Phase 1: Nothing?

You are probably very excited after seeing your modular home delivered and then built right in front of you. However, now it looks like nothing is happening. You are in what is called the “Rough Ins” phase. The layout of basic lines are being made, but we aren’t making the full connections. Additionally, the plumbing, electric, and hvac are being laid out. So, as it may look like we abandoned you, we are actual taking care of some of the most critical parts of your new home.

Phase 2: Bring It Together, Cover it up

Prefab Home Sheetrock InstallationLet’s add some layers, shall we? All of the plumbing, electrical, and hvac have been installed, but the inside of your house isn’t looking too great with bare wires and pipes on the walls. At this time we add the sheetrock to your home’s walls at the module connection points. These connection points are crucial because we can remove an entire section of the home at these points to install another, so the sheetrock has to end at these points. Once the sheetrock is installed, we can make these walls look prettier. We add the trim for some accent, and all of the interior walls will be painted.

Phase 3: Design Fun and Almost Done

Prefab Home Granite InstallationAfter all the hard work of deciding the interior design of your home, we can finally get to it. Your hardwood flooring, carpet, granite, tiles and other various pieces will be installed. Your modular home will also receive the necessary inspections at this time. These inspections include fire, electric, plumbing, building, final- as-built survey, homeowner warranty, and certificate of occupancy.



Not so bad, right? Of course we know you are anxious to move in, but you don’t want to call us every single day for an update. The good news is we have a solution. Follow along with the process with our customer portal at:

See the Advantages of Modular Homes: Infographic

If you have been reading the Coastal Modular Group bog, you would have seen a few posts about the advantages of modular homes in NJ opposed to stick built. It is easy to understand there is a quicker build time for modular homes because outside elements don’t impact the building process as much. However, have you simply absorbed this information and moved on to what your kitchen or bathroom might look like?

Below is an infographic we found that will help you truly see why constructing modular homes is much more efficient than stick built. Yes, we do know the graphic show the construction of a store, but the concept is the same.

The most crucial part in the inforgraphic is at the 10-day mark. You can see at the same time the site development starts, so does your home. This is where time and efficiency of modular building trumps that of stick building. Instead of the store opening in the graphic, you will be fully moved into your new home. In fact, this graphic says 90-days, but in some cases, we can get your home built and you moved in earlier than that.

To top off the advantages of modular homes, the infographic also includes environmental benefits. We love this part because Coastal is a big fan of green building! Even without the use of recycled materials, your choice of building modular would reduce carbon emissions since of the lower number of vehicles and trips it takes to get your home delivered.

We hope this guide helps clarify what our other blog posts and content on our site explain. Our modular homes in NJ have so many benefits, and we would love for you to take advantage of them. Call Coastal Modular Group today at (732) 800-2447 to get in your new home quicker.

Visualize Your Own Modular Home Construction

Modular Buildings: Modern Method of Construction

Pieces of Modular Homes In NJ Can Be More Affordable if Made In America

Remember the days when mass production was all the rage and America used to important as much as possible? While many modular homes in NJ were still built with domestic made materials, many materials such as tiles and appliances were imported for cheap and efficient means. However, the trend is soon to switch.

Our Modular Homes in NJ Feature Many Domestic Made Details

Below is a video from Builder Magazine which focuses on two products proudly created in America. One product in particular, tiling, is becoming more affordable to purchase domestically rather than importing. Additionally, you can choose a custom tile to match you custom modular home design and still keep the price lower than an import.

As companies like Behr Paints spread the color spectrum and the abilities of paint (wouldn’t solar reflective paint be nice and keep some money in your pocket), it is becoming more important to support their efforts. Your modular home won’t just look great, but you will be supporting our nation’s economy.

Coastal Modular Group will gladly work with you to find the perfect domestic made products for your home. In addition to our staff of builder, we have a dedicated interior designer ready for your project. For more information on how you can customize your modular home, please call us today at (732) 800-2447.

Modular Homes in NJ Are What Millennials Are Looking For

Millennials may seem young, but that is only because we are just now starting to learn much more about them. They challenge the norm, and not for ignorance, but for practicality. This is why our modular homes in NJ are so appealing to them.

NJ Modular Home MillenialsFor this fast-paced, frugal group, a McMansion is more of an afternoon adventure than an everyday dwelling area. Millennials are seeking small, but smarter modular home designs. Flexible spaces featuring movable walls make more sense to adapt the their changing lives. Built-in storage allows them to tuck their possessions away, yet still have them within reach without cluttering their environment. And, just like they rather not be stuck inside for a 9-5 job, they want features like sliding barn doors to give them more accessibility to the outdoors.

This group is not cheap, but they don’t see the point in spending multi-millions on a home that has 10+ rooms that they won’t use. Modular home prices are affordable, but they also make much more sense. Millennials can start with a base design that can even be comparable to some school loans. Later, as their family grows, they can invest into building parts of the home out.

Location and Practicality: NJ Modular Homes Are Perfect for Millennials

So why would millennials specifically seek modular homes in NJ? The location is perfect. They have access to one of the busiest cities in the entire world, but don’t have to pay outrageous living expenses all the time. Additionally, they can visit a busy beach or bar, but just as easily find quiet in local woods or coffee houses.

There are many more reasons why the “youth” of today are choosing modular homes, but it all comes down to they want what they see a practical. Modular homes just happen to be more practical than other designs. Even the shorter amount of time it takes to build a modular home is more appealing to them.

If you are a millennial, Coastal Modular Group would love to help you design your home. We enjoy seeing what you think is best for today’s lifestyle, and how your take your imagination to a tangible reality. Contact Coastal Modular Group today.

Building Our Modular Homes in NJ On Beams Isn’t So Bad

Some people squawked and complained about how ugly it was going to look with all of our houses on beams. The designers at Coastal Modular Group understand our customers don’t want something like the beams that have to raise their homes to take away from the gorgeous new design they have been dreaming of. So what can we do? Here is our solution to add to the raised design of modular homes in NJ.

Unfortunately, you can’t have living quarters at this level because that completely takes away from to point of the beams in the first place. However, this spot is not a complete waste. Your base flood elevation (BFE) may be just a few feet or it can be quite high depending on where you live, but you can always go higher than the bare minimum, which gives you more to work with.

Is Your NJ Modular Home On Stilts: Here Is What You Can Do

Our first suggestion definitely needs the extra height. Don’t have space for a garage on the the side of the house? No problem, you now have a multi-car garage the width and length of your whole house. Whether you decide to close this part in is up to you, but your car will fit right under your NJ modular home and stay out of most of the elements (wind can clearly be a deciding factor).

Don’t need all that garage space? That just adds more options! You can use a section as a covered patio. This is a great option if you don’t like being cooped up inside all day, but can’t handle hours in the sun. Remember, it can’t be a permanent living space, but you are welcome to enjoy sitting in the shade.

Probably our most cheerful idea is a garden. Yes, we know you will immediately think all that shade won’t let me have a proper garden, but you are wrong. There are plenty of flowers and other plants that don’t need much sunlight. Check out these Top 10 Low-Raised Modular Homes in NJ Photolight Plants, and also remember, you can place other plants all around the exterior of the home and even have gorgeous hanging arrangements around the entire bottom of the house.

Of course, you can use this area for storage, but you have to remember the risk of flooding is why you had to raise your home to being with. These are just a few suggestions to look on the brighter side of having to meet base flood elevation requirements. You can also just raise your home and keep it a subtle as possible. All of these choices are up to you. For more information on designing modular homes in NJ, call Coastal Modular Group today at (732) 800-2447.

Modular Homes in NJ Could Be Fire Resistant Like Australia’s

Just as we now have higher base flood elevations (BFE) for our modular homes in NJ because of Hurricane Sandy, Australia has set new standards for their modular homes. Picture the carnage New Jersey went through when Sandy brought high winds and high seas; now imagine this with fire. This is what Australia is combating against.

One of Australia’s major disasters includes the Black Saturday fires in 2009 that killed 173 people and destroyed 2000 homes. Like our BFE, Australia’s modular homes now must meet standards to protect against his type of disaster. They have implemented a Bushfire Attack Level in which the homes have to be able to withstand a certain amount of heat.

Though this is based on such a devastating circumstance, we believe the ability of these modular homes to withstand fire is impeccable. Much of California just went through, and is still battling, a drought, leaving many areas susceptible to fire. Though technology and research is new and recently implemented, modular home design and build is not susceptible to outside elements, so heat resistant homes can instantly be built in areas with high risk of fire much quicker

What Heat Resistant Modular Homes in NJ Could Look Like

Not only is the goal of this modular home design to resist against fire with its fibre cement sheet floor and slanted roof, but it also features open walls to allow a better connection with nature.

Though these designs are not available yet, as NJ modular home builders, we look forward to being able to offer forward-thinking designs like this in the future. For more information on our modular homes that are built to protect against hurricanes, call us today at (732) 800-2447.

You can also read more about these beautiful Australian designs:

Bow and Bay Window Designs for Modular Homes in NJ

With our 3D virtual development software it is easy for our clients to see what their home would look like with features they loved in their last place or that it lacked. This year, one of the most popular additions Coastal Modular Group has incorporated into modular homes in NJ has been bay and bow windows.

Before we show you some great modular home design ideas, we want to clarify what the difference is between bay and bow windows. Most obviously, a bay window has three panels and a bow window has more. This difference has two visual results: bow windows tend to let in more light because they are larger with more glass, and the exterior of the house is more rounded with a bow window while the bay is more angular. We tend to see more bay windows on modern home designs. Since bay windows are built a little further out than bow, they add a bit more interior floor space. Interestingly, those who choose bow windows can wrap it around a corner which makes a nice nook inside and this creates a view from two sides of the home.

Bay and Bow Windows for Your NJ Modular Home

We grabbed these images from one of our favorite home design websites, Houzz. You can see our home designs there at:

There are many, many different bay and bow window designs besides what we showed you above. For example, these windows are also great for extra storage benches with seating in top or added counter space behind the kitchen sink. Now can you see why our modular homes in NJ have been featuring these windows?

If you would like to start designing your modular home, please contact Coastal Modular Group today at (732) 800-2447.

Source for the images (and where you can get more great home design ideas):

Our Modular Homes in NJ Are Planned in 3D

One of our clients’ favorite parts of planning their new modular home in NJ is the 3D rendering process. Instead of just seeing a floor plan and letting your imagination run wild, Coastal Modular Group allows you to see exactly how your new home will look and let you explore the interior and exterior of the home.

3D Renderings of Modular Homes in New Jersey

What is the benefit of these 3D models? Well imagine you are have a specific modular home design in mind that features center stairs up to the front door and a simple driveway to the side of the house. Maybe this is the design of your old house and you didn’t know you could easily fit a garage to the right and more that stairs to the left. This design might be perfect if you have an older child as you can put their room above the garage and allow them their own entrance an exit so he/she don’t bother you at night when he/she is home from college. Good news…you don’t have to commit to this design, but you can see it quickly and easily with our 3D modular home plans.

Your designer at Coastal Modular Group will gladly help you figure out the best style and structure for your modular home. You can even explore the interior to see how different different rooms will look and how the simple change of a window frame can completely improve the style of the home.

For more information on how you can start planning your home, please call Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800 2447. You can also get a head start on different design ideas by visiting our NJ modular home gallery.