Modular Homes In NJ Are Better Fixer-Uppers Than Stick Built

Design Modular Homes in NJWe are here to again prove that modular homes are not carbon copies and Coastal Modular Group’s floor plans are perfect to customize. This post is perfect for those who are buying their first fixer-upper home and aim to keep their budget reasonably low while getting what they want. Let’s admit, trial and error is the best way to get things perfect.

So you searched the market all over New Jersey and saw a gorgeous modular home and a stick built home in the perfect neighborhood. They are lacking the same key aspects; for instance, you really want a ranch, but they both need another bedroom. How do these two stack up?

Customizing a Modular Home Floor Plan vs Stick Built

Remember, you can customize both with the room you want. Any stick builder can take on the task, but they will have to learn the structure of the house, find the piping, route the electrical, and match the materials. With a modular home, you can find out what company built the home and they will have this information perfectly available. Coastal Modular Group keeps records of every house we build, and you can use the software to virtually add that room to any part of the ranch home floor plan (above the driveway, behind the master bedroom, almost anywhere).

After the ambiguity of designing your stick built home, the builder now has to get to work. Ut oh, it is raining this week, and now your new room is behind on schedule before it even started. This is very common in NJ because of our seasons. Humidity, temperature, and precipitation can all stall the time your stick built addition is finished by. With our modular homes in NJ, your new room is built inside a controlled environment, so weather isn’t a factor. When it comes time to add your new room, our crew will have you sitting in that new couch you ordered before the spackle dries on that stick build.

This is just during your first round of changes. What happens when you want to add another floor? Or what if another super storm hits and you need a wall replace? Believe us, stick builds as gorgeous, but modular homes are just more practical.

Have a fixer upper modular home? Call our NJ modular home company today at (732) 800-2447 and we will help you make it perfectly yours.

3D Printing: What Is Next for Our NJ Modular Homes?

We would like to think our NJ modular home company is pretty quick at building homes. However, the Chinese may have turned the table with their new 3D printed homes. They claim to be able to turn out 10 in a single day!

Seems pretty alluring right? As home builder we think it is pretty cool to come up with new ways to build homes quicker, but we don’t really think they are as appealing as our homes. They look kind of dreary and pretty small, and they can’t have multi-stories.

Our Custom Homes

Custom NJ Modular Home

Their Printed Home

3D Printed House

Don’t get us wrong; we think it is great that someone can own a home for $5,000 and that the home is built of recycled material! And we completely admit we really want to play with designing a house that can be 3D printed.

Unfortunately, you will have to settle for our custom designed and quick, factory assembled NJ modular homes. They are pretty, but we are sorry they are not 3D printed.


Prefab Homes in NJ: More Like PreFabulous

We know the title of this blog was a cheap joke and it doesn’t really make sense. We only used it because we found one of the coolest books on the market! “Prefabulous World: Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Homes Around the Globe” by Sheri Koones highlights modular home designs that are energy efficient and absolutely alluring.

One of our favorite quotes from the book is is from Koones herself as she states, “I believe saving energy and saving materials go hand in hand. So, when I searched for the most energy-efficient houses for this book […], I selected only prefabricated homes because I cannot consider a structure fully efficient when it is built with excessive material waste.”

We totally agree!

In fact, we dedicate our company to building environmentally friendly modular homes in New Jersey!

NJ Modular Homes

When people use the term “prefab homes” there tends to be a negative connotation that they are speaking about cookie-cutter, boring houses in the middle of suburbia. It is unfortunate because if you look at our custom built modular homes, you would never guess they aren’t stick builds. We have the ability to design your house the way you want it, with stronger materials, and in less time, yet some people refuse to believe it!

Take a look at the design to the right. Does it look cookie cutter? Or does it look like a client told us something like: “I would like each level to have a deck. Sine we are by the ocean, I it would be great to have circular windows fairly resembling the portholes of a ship. Also, a side entrance would be perfect so we have easier access to the driveway if it snows, and when we come in we won’t track the snow through the living room.”?

It is hard to dispel what people seem to have ingrained in their minds over the years, but we are happy people like Sheri Koones are out there trying to do so. If you want to see what you house can looks like, you should look at our NJ modular home floor plans. We highly suggest you take notes on what you would change to fit your lifestyle because you are going to want see them implemented when we give you a virtual tour of your modular home.

What is the BFE for New Jersey Modular Homes

One of the biggest problems our customers are running into is knowing their Base Flood Elevation (BFE). Not knowing this information can drastically change what our customers think their New Jersey modular homes will look like. What you thought might be a slight bump up can end up meaning your house is lifted 5+ feet in the air. Luckily, there is a tool to help.

We have covered this tool before in the article “Flooding Code Requirements for Modular Homes in New Jersey,” but we think it is worth revisiting. Why? Well, because the preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) was recently updated with information for all Ocean County, NJ modular home shoppers. All you have to do is enter your information on using the table pictured below.

New Jersey Modular Homes Base Flood EvaluationBy having this type of information before you starting conjuring up your dream home, you can avoid any let down due to restrictions. If you need more help figuring out your BFE, please call Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800-2447.

Modular Home Prices in NJ: It’s Not Your Budget It’s Your Design

To be fair, yes, you do need to consider your budget when finding out modular home prices in NJ that can fit your lifestyle. However, some people still have the misconception that modular homes are cheap, generic stamp outs. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Bottom Line: Your lifestyle and design are what truly determine the price of your home.

Simple and Sweet or Lavish and Luxurious: You Choose Your Modular Home

The easiest way to find out the prices of modular homes in NJ is by calling Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800-2447. You let us know the type of home you are interested in and we will give you the starting price point. Simple right. Unfortunately, we know you will have slight changes and maybe an issue or two on property laws that can constrict you when building any home. These take that template and turn it into a custom job…don’t fear; these are modular homes so they are designed to be cheaper to customize.

Manasquan NJ Modular HomeLocation is a very big variable on the price of a modular home in New Jersey. Why? Because this determines the foundation/piling standards that your home will be built on. In 2013, it cost on average $100 per square foot for a modular home. This means a home by the beach could be $200 per square foot and home in northwest NJ could be $1 per square foot (not actual pricing, just a highly exaggerated example).

So, what now? The absolute best thing you can do is choose a design you like and remember that you still need to design the interior and landscaping. Walls aren’t the only thing that make a house a home. If this gives you a headache, we have a cure. We work with many different companies including interior designers and landscapers in order to help you get the best overall cost of your new home. Visit our NJ Modular Home Floor Plans section to start, then call us at (732) 800-2447 to take the next step.

Guide to Buying NJ Modular Homes: What Public Schools are Close By?

Are you a first time buyer? Maybe you are just relocating. Whatever the reason may be that you are in the market to build your dream home, we know you have several questions that seem to have answers spread all around the Internet. As a leading builder of NJ modular homes, we have helped many people seek important information about the area they are moving to. One of the most popular inquiries we hear is about schools.

Find a Public School in Your Town Thanks to Our NJ Modular Home Company

Public schools tend to be a main concern because the town you live in correlates directly to the public school your child will attend. We understand it gets tiring keeping track of the subtle differences between bordering towns, so we went ahead and did some work for you.

If you visit and click on one of the home types we build, it will take to various different designs. These designs are named after towns in New Jersey, so we decided they would also be a great place to have information about those towns. Click learn more next to a town you like, and there will be information such as zip codes, area codes, the county the town is part of, and also a list of the public schools in the area.

We know it can get overwhelming finding the perfect home in the perfect town, but we can build you that perfect home and help you find that perfect town. Simply call us today at (732) 800-2447

Modular Home in Cape May, New Jersey

An Easy Way to Design Your Modular Home

Some of us have visions in our heads of what the rooms would look like in our perfect houses. The lighting fixtures would be fancy but casual, the subway tiles would be just a little off-white, and the dining room table would be the perfect dark reddish-brown. However, not all of us are artists, and it can be very tiring scouring the internet and stores for these items. This is where one of our favorite websites,, helps out.

Houzz is a unique online platform that showcases various elements of home remodeling and design. You can map out every room and item in your home as you scroll through portfolios of the best designs on the market.

NJ Modular Home Design with Houzz

How To Design Your Modular Home in NJ with Houzz

If you don’t know exactly where to start, simply check out the “Today On Houzz” located right on the homepage. From questions about chalk paint to checklists for house guests, you will find interesting ideas from people just like you in the “Join The Discussion” section

Maybe you are planning to build a modular home in NJ from the very beginning and want to see different styles of a bathroom, living room, kitchen, or even the outside patio. Houzz has it all. You can simply browse by room and get a full synopsis of the products used to bring the room together.

Once you have found the items you are interested you can find a local designer right on Houzz. Keep all your plans in order using Ideabooks, or you can also used Pinteres (see our article on how to Design Your Modular Home with Pinterest).

You don’t have to be an architect or interior designer to properly plan your modular home in New Jersey, you just need to know where to look.

Design Your Modular Home with Pinterest

At Coastal Modular Group we can take old photos, clippings from magazines, and even your own sketches to design your modular home in NJ. Of course we also have pre-made plans that you can piece together as well. However, there is an absolutely amazing resources for those who are planning to design a customer modular home, Pinterest.

This image based social network seems to come and go in popularity for leisure use. However, many of its users are in the age brackets around 35-years-old and make about $50k+ a year, which is the perfect time and income to start thinking about your first home.

Place Your Pins and Your Dream Home Begins

NJ Modular Homes Pinterest

How exactly can Pinterest help you design one of our NJ modular homes? Simple, it will give you visualize your ideas! Many people have something in their heads that they want their home to look like, but not everyone can put that visual on paper. Instead, type in “modular homes” in Pinterest’s search bar and start pinning photos to your own board (you need to have an account to do that).

Choose the windows from one pin, the shutters from another, the siding from yet another, and maybe the style porch from two different pins. We can incorporate all of your choices into your design. Send us the link to your dream home pinboard, and simply let us know when you update it. We will take a look at your pins and redesign our floors plans to match.

If you are ready to start designing, call us up at (732) 800-2447 and we will schedule a time to sit down and talk about building your home.

Our NJ Modular Homes Can Be Equipped with USB Outlets

We are used to seeing the outlets in our homes with either the old style two slits (which we highly recommend upgrading if you have not done so) and or the one that looks like a a face saying “oh” (don’t even pretend you don’t think they look like faces). However, as USB ports stay the primary method for connecting devices like MP3 players or smart phones to power sources, shouldn’t we upgrade the outlets in our NJ modular homes too?

Think about the charger for your cell phone or smartphone? These days they come in two parts, the wire and the A/C adaptor. Soon USB ports will be incorporated into every home and we will have no need for the little box adaptor that we keep misplacing.

Would You Like USB Outlets in Your Home?


NJ Modular Home USB OutletDon’t believe us? Well, have you been to Home Depot or Lowes lately? If you head down their aisle of wall outlets, you will see not just one design incorporating a USB port, but several.

We bet some of you didn’t even know these were out there, and will be amazed these outlets even come in different colors. The outlet to the right is one of our favorite designs because you get two A/C outlets and two USB outlets. You can vacuum as you make cocktails in your blender, while texting your friends as you listen to your favorite playlist…and each device could be charging in one spot!

It may seem odd at first to see those same outlets you grew up with changing, but now is the best time to incorporate them if you plan on using Coastal Modular Group to build your modular home in New Jersey.

Common Questions for Purchasing a Modular Home in New Jersey: Flooding & Health Hazards

We known you care about the aesthetics of your modular home in New Jersey, but there are some other important issues to think about. Health hazards and flooding should be your main concern because what is the point of owning your dream home if you can’t enjoy it.

Flooding & Health Hazards You Should Consider When Building a Home

NJ Modular HomeOne of the biggest issues with building a modular home in NJ is flooding, especially after Hurricane Sandy. If you live in a high flood area, storms like Sandy can completely wipe out your home, and if you aren’t forewarned and evacuated you are personally at risk. We live in NJ so we do get seasonal hurricanes, snow storms, and more, so you have to be ready for this.

Flooding also has another health hazard, mold. Even if you just live in a damper area like along the shore, mold can be a huge issue. Black mold can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and much worse. Flood plains will also effect your insurance. If you live in a flood plain you will be required to get flood insurance, but if you just live by one you may not need it at all. This insurance will protect you and your home.

Some other hazards you should consider are lead paint (if you are buying a home rather than building a new one), environmental hazards like the facilities you live by (you may not want to live by the town garbage dump), and, although they may not threaten your health when in tact, power lines may be off putting to some if they happen to fall.

These are just some of the hazards you will want to consider when building a modular home in NJ. If you have any other questions please call Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800-2447 or visit