Photos of Coastal Modular Group On DIY Network’s Breakneck Builds

A few week ago we announced DIY Network will be featured Coastal Modular Group on the new show ‘Breackneck Builds.’ If you missed it, please visit:

DIY’s film crew followed our crew around for days while we manufactured the home in the factory, delivered it to the new site in Bay Head, then assembled it. Seems that simple, right?

Much more goes into modular home building than you may think. Breakneck Builds will show just how diverse modular building can be. Unfortunately, people still have the negative connotation that all modular homes look the same or are built with cheap materials. This episode alone is an example of the quality and uniqueness of the homes we build.

For example, Bay Head, NJ was hit quite hard by Hurricane Sandy. This town is located right by the ocean, and, even without a super storm, is susceptible to the salt water in the air and flooding. In order to help combat this, we used Eco Building Products like Eco Red Shield lumber that defends against the elements of rising tides, high winds, rotting, and seismic activity.

Even though there was a film crew, a photographer caught all the behind-the-scenes action. Here are just a few of our favorite shots of the day.

Breakneck Builds in Bay Head, NJ with Coastal Modular Group

Only six photos? Nope, the crew of Breakneck Builds was with us for a very,very long time and there are many, many more photos. However, this is your chance to  visit us on Google+. We have put together a gorgeous album of all the photos from the Bay Head, NJ build, and would love for you to check them out.


We would love to thank the crew of Breakneck Builds and everyone from DIY Network for their hard work and for featuring our modular home company. For more information on modular homes, Eco Building Products, or how our RREM Pathway B company can rebuild your home after Hurricane Sandy, please contact Coastal Modular Group here or call (732) 800-2447.

Coastal Modular Group Will Be On DIY Network’s Breakneck Builds

We are very excited to announce that Coastal Modular Group will be featured on the DIY Network.It may seem kind of contradictory that a network focusing on do-it-yourself types would feature a company like us, but it makes sense for their new show, Breakneck Builds.

Breakneck Builds follows construction crews as they build pre-fabricated homes before transporting and reassembling the homes on site for new homeowners in two days. A whole show dedicated to modular home building?!?! We are very, very excited!

According to Allison Page, general manager of DIY Network, “We present viewers with new and entertaining possibilities when it comes to home renovation…Breakneck Builds showcases innovative building methods that people may not have considered before..”

Going from a company that was based on helping our friends and families after Hurricane Sandy to excelling in our field so much that we are chosen to be featured on a brand new series is an honor. Coastal has come quite far, and we are still focused on building the best modular homes in NJ, which you can see here. Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos:


For more information on how your home can be quicker with modular methods rather than stick-build, call Coastal Modular Group today at 732-800-2447.

Homes NJ Residents Love: Sea Bright

We are nearing the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, and Coastal Modular Group just recently finished a project in one of the areas most devastated by the super-storm: Sea Bright, NJ.  In case you have moved on because you weren’t hit as hard, there are plenty of people who are still without homes. Please view the video like the one below to help you remember just how intense this storm was. However, this is a post about Sea Bright Homes NJ Residents Love, so hopefully after the video we can uplift your spirits.

Sea Bright was hit extremely hard as you can see. Pretty much the entire strip of land that has the Atlantic Ocean on the east and Shrewsbury River on the west was completely submerged in water. Quaint beach towns like this tend to have older homes, which had to be completely renovated or demolished and rebuilt. For residents who were just lost after the carnage, everyone at our NJ modular home company has been trying his/her hardest to bring back normalcy. Below is one of our most recent projects, and we are extremely happy to show how this little stylish shoreline home now sits on pillars according to the base flood elevations, and looks great while doing it. Even more interesting is this is one of our only stick built homes!

Sea Bright NJ Home Ready To Stand After the Next Storm


This beautiful home looks perfect right in front of the sea wall, but we are sure it would look gorgeous in any town in New Jersey. For more information on you can have a beautiful stick built or modular home in NJ by Coastal Modular Group, please call us at (732) 800-2447.

Building Our Modular Homes in NJ On Beams Isn’t So Bad

Some people squawked and complained about how ugly it was going to look with all of our houses on beams. The designers at Coastal Modular Group understand our customers don’t want something like the beams that have to raise their homes to take away from the gorgeous new design they have been dreaming of. So what can we do? Here is our solution to add to the raised design of modular homes in NJ.

Unfortunately, you can’t have living quarters at this level because that completely takes away from to point of the beams in the first place. However, this spot is not a complete waste. Your base flood elevation (BFE) may be just a few feet or it can be quite high depending on where you live, but you can always go higher than the bare minimum, which gives you more to work with.

Is Your NJ Modular Home On Stilts: Here Is What You Can Do

Our first suggestion definitely needs the extra height. Don’t have space for a garage on the the side of the house? No problem, you now have a multi-car garage the width and length of your whole house. Whether you decide to close this part in is up to you, but your car will fit right under your NJ modular home and stay out of most of the elements (wind can clearly be a deciding factor).

Don’t need all that garage space? That just adds more options! You can use a section as a covered patio. This is a great option if you don’t like being cooped up inside all day, but can’t handle hours in the sun. Remember, it can’t be a permanent living space, but you are welcome to enjoy sitting in the shade.

Probably our most cheerful idea is a garden. Yes, we know you will immediately think all that shade won’t let me have a proper garden, but you are wrong. There are plenty of flowers and other plants that don’t need much sunlight. Check out these Top 10 Low-Raised Modular Homes in NJ Photolight Plants, and also remember, you can place other plants all around the exterior of the home and even have gorgeous hanging arrangements around the entire bottom of the house.

Of course, you can use this area for storage, but you have to remember the risk of flooding is why you had to raise your home to being with. These are just a few suggestions to look on the brighter side of having to meet base flood elevation requirements. You can also just raise your home and keep it a subtle as possible. All of these choices are up to you. For more information on designing modular homes in NJ, call Coastal Modular Group today at (732) 800-2447.

Bow and Bay Window Designs for Modular Homes in NJ

With our 3D virtual development software it is easy for our clients to see what their home would look like with features they loved in their last place or that it lacked. This year, one of the most popular additions Coastal Modular Group has incorporated into modular homes in NJ has been bay and bow windows.

Before we show you some great modular home design ideas, we want to clarify what the difference is between bay and bow windows. Most obviously, a bay window has three panels and a bow window has more. This difference has two visual results: bow windows tend to let in more light because they are larger with more glass, and the exterior of the house is more rounded with a bow window while the bay is more angular. We tend to see more bay windows on modern home designs. Since bay windows are built a little further out than bow, they add a bit more interior floor space. Interestingly, those who choose bow windows can wrap it around a corner which makes a nice nook inside and this creates a view from two sides of the home.

Bay and Bow Windows for Your NJ Modular Home

We grabbed these images from one of our favorite home design websites, Houzz. You can see our home designs there at:

There are many, many different bay and bow window designs besides what we showed you above. For example, these windows are also great for extra storage benches with seating in top or added counter space behind the kitchen sink. Now can you see why our modular homes in NJ have been featuring these windows?

If you would like to start designing your modular home, please contact Coastal Modular Group today at (732) 800-2447.

Source for the images (and where you can get more great home design ideas):

Modular Homes NJ Residents Love: Lavallette

Lavallette is an absolutely gorgeous town in Ocean County. Maybe being located on a peninsula off Barnegat bay makes it so quaint and attractive, or maybe it is because the town is just about one square mile. Either way, it is great location for custom modular homes in NJ.

Located in southern New Jersey, Lavallette was hit quite hard by Hurricane Sandy. Some people consider this a beach town and it was the location for a second home for many people. However, it makes a great town for year-round living as well with a variety of schools to choose from (more information about Lavallette, NJ).

Coastal Modular Group truly enjoyed designing this modular home because of the shore theme. From the bay windows to the sandy-beige siding, this two-story home fits in perfectly with the beach town.

Perfectly Picturesque Modular Home in Lavallette, NJ

Coastal Modular Group is not far from Lavallette, NJ, which is one reason why these homeowners chose us to build their modular home. As a New Jersey based company, we can better service our customers with personal needs regarding building within state regulations. For more information on building your modular home in NJ, call us at (732) 800-2447.

Our Modular Homes in NJ Are Planned in 3D

One of our clients’ favorite parts of planning their new modular home in NJ is the 3D rendering process. Instead of just seeing a floor plan and letting your imagination run wild, Coastal Modular Group allows you to see exactly how your new home will look and let you explore the interior and exterior of the home.

3D Renderings of Modular Homes in New Jersey

What is the benefit of these 3D models? Well imagine you are have a specific modular home design in mind that features center stairs up to the front door and a simple driveway to the side of the house. Maybe this is the design of your old house and you didn’t know you could easily fit a garage to the right and more that stairs to the left. This design might be perfect if you have an older child as you can put their room above the garage and allow them their own entrance an exit so he/she don’t bother you at night when he/she is home from college. Good news…you don’t have to commit to this design, but you can see it quickly and easily with our 3D modular home plans.

Your designer at Coastal Modular Group will gladly help you figure out the best style and structure for your modular home. You can even explore the interior to see how different different rooms will look and how the simple change of a window frame can completely improve the style of the home.

For more information on how you can start planning your home, please call Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800 2447. You can also get a head start on different design ideas by visiting our NJ modular home gallery.

NJ Modular Homes Built With AZEK Building Products

Coastal Modular Group collaborates with and uses many different companies to help enhance our modular homes. For instance, after Hurricane Sandy hit, we made sure we had partners with storm proof windows to ensure our clients were safe. Our goal is to ensure we design NJ modular homes that you will love whether you are seeking alluring aesthetics or functional features.

Today we want to update you on our post from a few weeks ago entitled “Modular Homes NJ Residents Love: Beach Haven West.” In the last photo in the blog post’s set, you can see a hint of the white railing, but there is much more to it than that. See below for the railing and pillars by AZEK Building Products.

AZEK Building Products On NJ Modular Homes

Beach Haven West NJ Modular Homes Azek Beach Haven West NJ Modular Homes Azek Building Products

This decking is absolutely gorgeous! Even as we built this modular home, we impressed ourselves with how well the white, brown, and green/blue truly pulled together. Some may think that the house color and deck floor will be good at hiding dirt and the white will be too hard to keep clean. AZEK Building Products are made of extremely high quality materials, and very easy to clean. We could get heavy into the products, but this is just to show you how impeccable a modular home can be when made with the right products.

If you need any certain type of material for your next home, please feel free to contact our NJ modular home company today.

Our Modular Homes in NJ are Eco Defensive Builder Certified

Eco Certified Modular Homes in NJCommunity leaders should always be setting the best example. This is why, as a top builder of modular homes in NJ, Coastal Modular Group is dedicated to eco-friendly construction. We strongly believe our building process should not only be be bettering your living conditions, but also preserving the environment as much as possible. This mission has recently garnered us recognition by Eco Building Products as Coastal Modular Group has become a Certified Eco Defensive Builder.

Green Modular Homes NJ Residence Will Be Proud and Safe to Live In

What does it mean to be a Certified Eco Defensive Builder? Eco Building Products recently launched the Eco Defensive Program in order to better educate licensed home builders especially after Hurricane Sandy. These builders are educated on how to enhance traditional building processes in order to defend against rising tides, high winds, fires, bugs, rotting, and seismic activity. Of course for of our hard work, Coastal Modular Group received a signed & sealed diploma.

From the beginning of our NJ modular home company, our goal has been to help Hurricane Sandy victims. We were tired of seeing them get taken advantage of by companies outside of NJ that never finished the job and wasted precious time and money. You should not be homeless, and we are here to make sure you are back in a better built and affordable home.

Eco Building Products doesn’t just focus on educating builders, but also helping reduce impact on the environment. Coastal Modular Group has a similar stance as we build green modular homes in NJ. This environmental responsibility includes our resource efficiency to reduce carbon footprint and your new home build which will reduce heating, cooling, and other utility costs. You can even qualifying for green building rebates and mortgages, and an increased home value through green certification.

We would like to thank Eco Building Products for allowing us to take their certification course. It is an honor to work along a company that is so dedicated to better building. If you would like to learn more about the high standards of our NJ modular homes, contact Coastal Modular Group.