Modular Homes NJ Residents Love: Beach Haven West

We are very proud of our custom modular homes NJ residents enjoy, which is why we take plenty of photos. This series is from a recent delivery and set of a Beach Have West, NJ modular home. After all building codes and BFE’s were met, we came out with a gorgeous 2.5 story and 3,000 sq. ft. design.

“Modular Homes NJ Residents Love” will be an ongoing series so you can see the amazing outcome of the quick, efficient, and sturdy work that takes place in the delivery and set of a home.

For more information on how quickly Coastal Modular Group can get your home built and set, contact our NJ modular home company today.

Watch As We Construct One of Our Modular Homes in NJ

One of the marvels of modular homes is seeing the entire home delivered in prefabricated sections. There are literally entire rooms ready to be snapped together like legos! One of the representatives of Coastal Modular Group will gladly explain the entire process of building modular homes in NJ, but to better understand the delivery and construction you should watch the video below.

This modular home was built in Beach Haven West, NJ. If you remember the coverage of Hurricane Sandy, you might recall how badly this location was hit. Building codes in this area are strict, and residents still want their beautiful homes despite having to raise them high on pillars. Overall, this family is getting an attractive, strong modular home design to enjoy all year round.

Almost seems too easy. Of course the sections of the home were built in a factory, so the process was very quick as the weather did not seize production. Once the home is constructed, you can go to work with the interior painting and furnishing. For modular homes NJ residents can rely on, call Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800-2447.

See a Modular Home in Brick NJ Get Delivered and Built

Want to see how Coastal Modular Group constructs a modular home? Recently, we finished the factory build on a custom modular home in Brick, NJ. From this build, we then delivered it via flatbed trucks to its final location. This shows how quickly we can have your house set on location once it is built in our controlled factory. Unlike stick builds, the weather does not effect the construction of the elements of your home.

Coastal Modular Group Modular Home Building Process in Brick NJ

This is how simple our modular home building process is. For more information on how quickly we can build your home, contact Coastal Modular Group.

Head Start Home Building: Our NJ Modular Home Floor Plans Help You Customize Your House

Many people shopping for a new home will soon realize their dream home is a little more out of reach than they thought. There will a features missing or you are getting into a fixer upper that you simple don’t want to invest the time and money on. This is why you should choose to customize your house with our NJ modular home floor plans.

Cape Cod Modular Home Floor Plan

If you have been reading our blog, you will know how much money you will save by choose a modular build rather than stick. What many shoppers don’t know is that modular homes can be customized that same way stick builds can be.

Not all of us are wildly creative, which is why our floor plans are so great. They provide you with a basis so you can choose how and where to expand out to better fit your living needs. When you can’t find that perfect home with the loft over the garage, you will be able to add that specific space to your modular home build.

The best part is our software allows you to see these additions as you are dreaming up your NJ modular home. Since we already know what can be built in certain locations and what we are able to build, you can choose from any floor plan our software has readily available.

Coastal Modular Group’s Brick NJ Modular Home Floor Plans

Modular Home Floor PlansLet’s take one of our favorite designs for example, the Brick, NJ modular home floor plan. This is a cape cod with three bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and 1,753 square feet. You can there is a great First Floor Layout chosen to give you optimal space, storage, and style. However, you can see an alternative option with the Optional Master Suite Layout.

The Proposed Second Floor Layout, is a simple design that will give you a great deal of space in the bedrooms. However, maybe you don’t need two full bedrooms and rather have one very large one and a small storage room. This can easily be changed with our software and you can see it instantly.

Designing a house should be fun, not restrictive. Especially since you are making an investment and living everyday in it. Let us help you choose the perfect design. Simply call us at (732) 800-2447 to get started.

Get Ready For Thanksgiving: Kitchen Edition

Halloween seemed to blow right past us, and we can already see Christmas decorations in storefronts. But we have yet to pass one of our favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. So what does this holiday have to do with our NJ modular home business? Well, for one thing, it is much easier to host the holiday when you have the right kitchen design.
How the Right Kitchen in Your NJ Modular Home Can Reduce Stress During Thanksgiving
Coastal Modular Group goes to great lengths to ensure you are satisfied with not only the design of your NJ modular home, but also what is in it. We have an interior designer on staff to help you layout each room the way you want it, and also to help you pick out the essentials like kitchen appliances.
One of our favorite kitchen additions is the island. A kitchen island is perfect for separating the room into different work stations. You can also use the surrounding counters to lineup each dish you have finished and designate the island as your sole work station.
We also suggest the right appliances. For us, we like side-by-side doors on our refrigerators with the freezer located on the bottom. This design gives you plenty of options to layout the dishes that are to be kept cold, especially if you are prepping them days in advance.
Finally, we absolutely love our garbage disposals. This little device helps ensure your drains don’t get clogged, and, thus, makes cleaning up after the feast less of a hassle.
These are just a few of tips that can make Thanksgiving a little easier. As a company that build modular homes in New Jersey, we know a thing or two about planning ahead. We found this great infographic to help you plan ahead for the upcoming holiday!
The Ultimate Survival Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


Our NJ Modular Homes Can Be Equipped with USB Outlets

We are used to seeing the outlets in our homes with either the old style two slits (which we highly recommend upgrading if you have not done so) and or the one that looks like a a face saying “oh” (don’t even pretend you don’t think they look like faces). However, as USB ports stay the primary method for connecting devices like MP3 players or smart phones to power sources, shouldn’t we upgrade the outlets in our NJ modular homes too?

Think about the charger for your cell phone or smartphone? These days they come in two parts, the wire and the A/C adaptor. Soon USB ports will be incorporated into every home and we will have no need for the little box adaptor that we keep misplacing.

Would You Like USB Outlets in Your Home?


NJ Modular Home USB OutletDon’t believe us? Well, have you been to Home Depot or Lowes lately? If you head down their aisle of wall outlets, you will see not just one design incorporating a USB port, but several.

We bet some of you didn’t even know these were out there, and will be amazed these outlets even come in different colors. The outlet to the right is one of our favorite designs because you get two A/C outlets and two USB outlets. You can vacuum as you make cocktails in your blender, while texting your friends as you listen to your favorite playlist…and each device could be charging in one spot!

It may seem odd at first to see those same outlets you grew up with changing, but now is the best time to incorporate them if you plan on using Coastal Modular Group to build your modular home in New Jersey.

Common Questions for Purchasing a Modular Home in New Jersey: Before Building

Last week we wrote a blog post, sent out some emails, and hit our social networks about what questions you may have about building a new modular home in New Jersey. We will answer these questions and more in a series of blog posts to help you make a better decision about purchasing a home.

Before Building Your Modular Home

Rattle your mind with all the basic questions you can to find your location. Does proximity to oceans, mountains, schools, public transportation, or night life matter to you? Would you send your child to public or private school? Do you need a yard for animals, potential pool installation, or just because you want one? At what angle would the sun shine into to the house?

Cape Cod Modular Home in New Jersey Ranch Modular Home in New Jersey







What can you afford? As general guidance, your monthly mortgage payments should be no more than 29% of your gross income. Once you get your number you can start deciding the size and features of your NJ modular home. Ranch, cape cod, or two-story? Bay window, front or back porch, or two car garage? All things you may surprised you can or cannot afford.

Since you haven’t started building, you may want to find out from your potential neighbors or local assessor’s office what the average tax liability is. This could be crucial to making adjustments to your mortgage.

These are just a few things you should consider before purchasing property and building a modular home in New Jersey. Of course you will have personal choices too like proximity to your job, proximity to family members, and much more. If you have any other questions about pre-production of building a home, please feel free to call Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800-2447 or visiting


Common Questions for Building a New Modular Home in NJ

We often get the same questions about our modular homes in NJ. Are they as solid as stick built homes? Are they cheaper? Do they all look the same because they are prefabricated? To which we reply, they are just as sturdy if not sturdier, they are in fact less expensive, and you can customize your modular home anyway you would like with Coastal Modular Group.

What Else Do Home Buyers Want to Know

Modular Homes NJOf course, these all pertain to modular homes, which we are obviously well versed in. However, we do notice our first time home buyers often wonder about different elements of buying a home. We often hear buyers speak of the area they chose to move to because of the quality school system or the location to public transportation.

With these thoughts in mind, we would love to know what other questions we would be able to help you with. Please feel free to comment, contact us on any social network, or use the contact form to let us know how we can better serve you. We will gladly use our resources to better serve your whether you are considering buying a modular home in New Jersey or just seeking information.

Draw Your Dream Home in NJ

When you were a child did you used to draw the thing you dreamed about? Did you also draw your family, your pets, and your home? Then why stop now. With the technology at Coastal Modular Group, we can help you draw or even piece photos together to design your new NJ modular home.

Recently, children in Union Beach, NJ were asked to sketch their dream playground during “Design Day,” the first step in 9-week community project to reclaim the play space at Scholer Park. The children did not only draw the seesaws and swings we remember as kids, but they also added rock walls, water-guns, pirate ships, and many other imaginative structures. With the technology today, many of these “far-fetched” designs can actually be achieved. So, why not be able to do this with your home?

Custom Design Your Modular Home in New Jersey

NJ Modular HomeWhen Hurricane Sandy hit many people completely lost their homes, but may have salvaged some photos. With these photos Coastal Modular Group can actually rebuild your home the way you remember it, or it can incorporate your favorite aspects of your old home and redesign the rest. We will even make a 3D video rendering of your home so you can explore the design before it is built.

You can bring in siding from your old home and we can find the best match to your color, bring in photographs of the bay window and we will rebuild it, and if you like the shutters in a magazine better than your old ones, we will use those instead. Our designers have been collectively building homes for over 30 years, and before we used computer animated graphics we were building homes to fit our clients’ descriptions.

So, gather photo albums, magazine clippings, sketch a rough design, or bring in anything else that can help you make your dream home, and let’s get started on building your new modular home in New Jersey.

Normalcy Returns to Union Beach NJ After Hurricane Sandy

Do you remember the first day of the school year when you were a child? You walked into a building you may have already attended the previous years, and you got acclimated quickly to the familiar surroundings. You would see old friends and make new ones.

Fortunately, for the students of Memorial School in Union Beach, NJ this familiar scenario will be instilled for the next school year. After their school was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy the students were split up between St. Catherine’s School in Middletown, Central School in Keyport, and Holy Family School in Hazlet. Although the final day of school is June 27th, the students have returned to their own school where they can have a sense of normalcy again.

Rebuild Normalcy with Union Beach NJ Modular Homes

Union Beach Memorial SchoolThis is a great accomplishment as some of these students still may not have their homes to go back to. Fifty homes were washed away and 300 were demolished during Hurricane sandy, and about 500 families still do not have homes.

We are reminded not to take for granted the comfort it is to have a place we are familiar with. This is why the NJ modular homes from Coastal Modular Group are made custom for our clients. We can take photos of your old home and replicate the design. You can rebuild your home, add the features you always wanted, and it will be stronger and still not as expensive at stick and brick builders.

We are happy to see one of the most devastated areas make such a big progression and hope the students enjoy their school before summer.