Ocean County Vocational Technical School Learns About Building Modular Homes in NJ

Ocean County Vocational School Learns About Modualr Homes in NJCoastal Modular Group loves to stay active in the community and lend a helping hand whenever possible. We have donated our time and expertise to companies like the Visitation Relief Center and we have sponsored community events like the ProPlayers Football Camp. Recently, we decided to directly help the students of today by teaching those at the Ocean County Vocational Technical School (OCVTS) learn how we build modular homes in NJ.

Students Learn Current Modular Home Building Practices

One of the problems of the current job market is students aren’t always learning the best practices. Of course they learn the fundamentals, but the world is changing quite rapidly and many graduating students don’t know all of the options available to them. For instance, carpentry has basic sets of rules in the building process, which can be applied to the construction of a home. However, these students might be turned off to home building thinking they have to work in the cold during the winter and heat in the summer.

Our NJ modular home company aimed to help students at OCVTS understand there are more options. Modular homes are built inside factories, so if these students don’t want to work outside, they can apply their skills to work on modular homes. Trends like these are very important especially since our evolving world is seeking to be more efficient and leave less of an impact on the environment. Understanding the importance of green building can help these students land jobs for Eco Defensive Certified builders like Coastal.

We have to admit it felt great to talk to students who were extremely interested in the building process. Many of the students have built homes with Habitat for Humanity, and the information we delivered really intrigued them even more about the options they have in home building.

Coastal Modular Group Donates to Ocean County Vocational SchoolIn addition to presenting, we donated $1,000 to the Ocean County Vocational Technical Education Association Scholarship Fund in hopes we can better the organization and students’ lives even more.

If you would like Coastal Modular Group to present to your institute’s students, please contact us today at (732) 800-2447.

A Break From Modular Homes in NJ to Donate Our Time

Coastal Modular Group was formed in order to build modular homes in NJ for residents who were devastated by Superstorm Sandy. However, we try to add more value to our company than just designing and constructing modular homes, which is why we encourage our employees to become involved in the community via volunteering.

You can often see our employees taking time off from designing modular homes NJ residents love to help out with community projects. Don’t worry, we have plenty of people working on your home design so these volunteer days will not set your build back. Coastal Modular Group encourages our employees to help the community even more by offering them additional paid time so they can volunteer on company time.

NJ Modular Home Builders Take Time to Volunteer at Visitation Relief Center

NJ Modular Home VolunteerRecently, our dedicated and passionate employee Shane Magnusson took advantage of this time to give back to the community by volunteering at the Visitation Relief Center in Brick. You might expect someone from modular home company to work for a non-profit that focused on home design, but Shane decided for a change of pace. Instead, he spent over twelve hours finding, transporting, and cleaning barrels to be used to capture rainwater.

This program ties in perfectly with the values held by our NJ modular home company as it supports the community by partnering with other organizations like the Surfrider Foundation and Barnegat Bay. Together we all helped those effected by Sandy to learn how they can capture rain water from hurricanes, which will reduce runoff and also preserve resources by providing water for home irrigation needs (which also reduces utility bills).

With this time, Shane has preserved the environment, helped residents save money, and much more. We are proud of his hard work, and urge all of our employees to help out where they can.

If you have a project you need help with, please feel free to contact Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800-2447).

Our NJ Modular Home Company Is Giving Away 300 Fuel Tickets

Coastal Modular Group may build modular homes in NJ, but we are constantly looking for other ways to support the community. From our recent venture with GridIron G.A.N.G. and the ProPlayer Football Camp to our repeat sponsorship of the Jersey Shore Festival, we are willing to take part in many different types of events. Today, there is no contest and there is very open space for participants. We have 300 tickets to give away for the latest Fuel concert at The Headliner in Neptune, NJ.

Right now, Fuel is touring the entire United States in order to promote their newest album “Puppet Strings.” This is a very special album as it is the first album in 10 years with Brett Scallions as the frontman.

Our modular home company is proud to support one of our local venues, The Headliner. For your chance to get free tickets to see Fuel, simply click on the photo below or visit our NJ Modular Home Facebook.


Do you have an event you would like our NJ modular home company to take part in? Please feel free to contact Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800-2447.

While We Built Modular Homes in NJ Professional NFL Players Taught Locals Athletes Crucial Skills

We hope everyone enjoyed the absolutely gorgeous weather this weekend. While Coastal Modular Group was busy building modular homes in NJ, the ProPlayer Football Camp was in full swing…yes, we did take the time to stop by to support the kids and meet the players.

Here are a few photos from the camp our NJ modular home company sponsored in collaboration with the Gridiron G.A.N.G. We would like to thank all the of NFL players who took the time to step away from their own personal training in order to help shape the young athletes of today.

Photos From ProPlayer Football Camp Sponsored by Our NJ Modular Home Company

The fun didn’t stop at camp. Later on that night, the Toms River Heroes tool on the NFL Pros in a charity football game. If you thought the Pros were going to go easy on our local celebrities, you were wrong. This is the message they sent to Toms River’s finest after the camp…

We would like to thank the NFL players for coming out to such an amazing camp experience for our young athletes. If you would like to learn more about how we can help your community, contact Coastal Modular Group or view our Modular Homes in NJ.


Last Chance to Train With Professional NFL Players

Even if you weren’t chosen by Coastal Modular Group, builder of modular homes in NJ, to get free training by at the ProPlayer Football Camp, you still have some time to sign up.

Coastal Modular Group NFL CampRecently, our modular home company decided to team up with Gridiron G.A.N.G. and sponsor a special camp that would offer today’s young athletes a chance to train with current and former professional NFL players. As part of this sponsorship, we were allowed to grant a few lucky students free access to this camp so they can learn the habits of professional players and work through circuit training, competitive drills, and strategic flag football games. Five students from Wall High School in Monmouth County were chosen to take advantage of this unique camp.

We are happy to be able to offer these Crimson Knights a chance to expand their skills and learn the dedication is takes to make it as a professional athlete.

NJ Modular Home Company Football Donation

Coastal Modular Group Supports the GridIron G.A.N.G.

In addition to helping today’s athletes, our NJ modular home company is also showing its support of the local heros. We will be sponsoring the Pros vs Heros Charity Flag Football game in Toms River High School North where you will see local EMS, Fire, and Police personnel take on pro NFL players.

For more information on the camp or how our modular home company in NJ can help you, please call us at (732) 800 – 2447.

Our NJ Modular Home Company Invites You to Play Football with the Pros

Does your young one dream of being in the NFL? Do they practice everyday? Then reward them by helping them get a taste of the real thing. Coastal Modular Group is proud to sponsor the ProPlayer Football Camp for 7 to 18 years old children taking place at Toms River High School North on June 26th and 27th.

As a Modular Home Company We Believe In a Solid Foundation

NJ Modular Home Professional Football CampOur NJ modular home company is supporting the GridIron Institute to help give kids a chance to train with current and former NFL Pros. There are two sessions, one for 7 to 14 year-old kids and the other for 14-18 year-old. Not only will they be participating in circuit training, competitive drills, and flag football, but they will also learn the practice habits of professional players such as Damian Barnes, Marvin Booker, Damian Gregory, Antonio Garay, Brandon Jones, Ben Kelly, Dan Klecko, Clarence Love, Mohamed Sanu, Odessa Turner,Tim Wright, and more.

The children even get a Meet and Greet at Cool Beans Coffee House where they can get autographs and even eat with the Pros. Don’t worry; you get your chance to hang with the big timers too at the happy hour at Mircale Sports Pub.

In addition to the camp, our modular home company will support NJ’s finest at the Pros vs. Heroes game. Toms River EMS, Fire, and Police personnel will go head to head with professional NFL players at Toms River High School North.

Our NJ Modular Home Company Sponsors the Jersey Shore Festival

Jersey Shore Festival

Last Year at the Jersey Shore Festival

Once again our NJ modular home company is sponsoring the Jersey Shore Festival. Last year we enjoy a day full of motorcycle jumps, music, bacon food trucks, and much more. This year, there is much more lined up just for you.

This year, the festival is kicked off on Thursday with free food and music by Joey Evans at the Spicy Cantina. Friday follows up the fun with more parties at Captain Hooks, EJ’s, Aztec, and Jimbo’s.

Saturday and Sunday offer up even more awesome entertainment with free surf lessons, the Jersey Shore Truck show, BMX and skate demos, the highly anticipated Vendor Village, and live music at Captain Hook’s outdoor stage, Aztez Pool Stage, and unplugged stage at Kearny and Hancock Aves.

Oh, and of course we will be there to teach you more about our modular homes in New Jersey. Stop by our tent on the boardwalk near Sherman Ave, and we will gladly answer any of your questions.

Join Fuel and Our NJ Modular Home Company to Benefit the Belmar Fire Department

This Friday, May 2nd, come watch Fuel and a handful of local bands hit the stage at the Headline in Neptune, NJ. Take part in one of the best benefit shows in the area as we support the Belmar Fire Department.

95.9 WRAT, The Aquarian, and our NJ modular home company fully support the fire department and all they do to keep us safe. The show is only $25 in advance and $30 the day of the show. In addition, there will be a silent auction, and proceeds will be going to the fire department to help pay for pagers to inform the volunteer fire fighters, training for new recruits, and cleaning supplies because these guy have to maintain their own fire house.

Fuel Benefit Show NJ

Our NJ Modular Home Company Teams with Helping Hands for Seaside Heights NJ Festival

NJ Modular Homes and Helping Hands

This past Saturday Coastal Modular Group proudly sponsored the New Heights Festival in Seaside, NJ. Fortunately for us, the area where the festival was held was in fine condition after the fire that wiped out much of the boardwalk. After all the rebuilding, it is very sad to see such a devastating event.

However, we didn’t let this bring down our weekend. The New Heights Festival was filled with plenty of smiling faces and great family fun activities. The crew from our NJ modular home company spoke with many people from the area who are finally getting ready to rebuild.

Seaside Height Welcomes our NJ Modular Home Company with Helping Hands

It is such a relief to hear people who were having a hard time rebuilding are finally making breakthroughs in the area with their permits, insurance, and more. As the bands played and everyone buzzed around the attractions, we were excited that many people took a chunk of their time at the festival to truly talked to us.

NJ Modular Homes ReviewWhenever we attend or sponsor events we try to make our area as welcoming as possible. The high spirits of those around us meshed perfectly with ours, and we were able to meet some interesting people. One of our favorites was David Boyce.

Just as customers like to hear from brands asking about how their product is working out, we love to hear from those we talk to. If there was anything missing in our conversation, you can always contact us directly from our website or Facebook. David made us feel like we accomplished such a monumental amount of work in the short time we were able to talk about his plans. It is people like him that made us form Coastal Modular Group, and this positive feedback makes us even more excited for the next event!