Flooding Code Requirements for Modular Homes in New Jersey

Modular Homes in New Jersey

Since Hurricane Sandy, many people who have to rebuild their homes are seeking information about new flooding codes. If you choose to rebuild with Coastal Modular Group, we will explain your new coding regulations and help you build your dream house while adhering to them.

Base Flood Evaluations for Modular Homes in New Jersey

NJ Modular HomesA term you should be familiar with when building your NJ modular home is Base Flood Evaluations (BFE).  There are three critical elements that will effect your BFE: evaluation of habitable spaces and utilities, type of foundation, and flood resistant materials used in regard to vulnerable areas.

When your home is corresponding the local BFE, it will be set to a level with a 1-in-100 chance that a flood event equal to or exceeding that level will occur in any given year.

Some communities instill Design Flood Evaluations. These codes vary based on area, and they address the additional height above the BFE required for the lowest habitable floor or utilities.

With a 1-in-100 chance of your flood evaluation being met, there is a 40% chance that it will be met or exceeded at least once in a 50-year period. DFEs could be assigned to change your odds to a 1-in-500 chance of flooding, which means there is only a 10% chance of flooding in a 50-year period.

These are just some of the common terms you will hear when building your NJ modular home. The representatives at Coastal Modular Group will gladly help you understand exactly how high your home will be elevated and why. We will be with you the entire way while meeting all legal requirements of your home.

For more information on your flood height requirements feel free to call Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800-2447. Please visit http://coastalmodulargroup.com/floor_plans.php to see some of the floor plans for our modular homes in New Jersey.


Update: Use the Base Flood Evaluation Map to find out how high to build your modular home.

Six Months Since Sandy – Watch it Unfold

Six months have officially passed since we were hit with one of the most devastating hurricanes of our lifetimes, Superstorm Sandy. In total, there has been over $70 billion in damage, which is only trumped by the devastation cause by Hurricane Katrina.

Inform Those in Need of Building Codes of NJ Modular Homes

Hurricane Sandy’s extensive amount of damage is the reason why Coastal Modular Group formed to build affordable and durable modular homes in New Jersey. Homes now have to be built to new codes such as the height a home must be off the ground in proximity to water. Some home owners are still not clearly informed on this type of information, and homes not built to code can result in even more expenses.

It may be six months later, but we urge you to remember there are people still without homes. If you know anyone who is in need of help, the representatives at Coastal Modular Group are here to answer questions to get their lives back to normal.

Please continue to give as much as possible. If you are looking for ways to volunteer we suggest contacting Rebuild Our Shore and Restore the Shore. You can also always contact us at Coastal Modular Group by calling (732) 800-2447 or visiting http://coastalmodulargroup.com/contact.php.

Modular Homes in New JerseyPhoto courtesy of Fema.gov


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