Your NJ Modular Home Company Is Back to Blogging!

We know you have been missing us, which is why we are very happy to be back on the blogging bandwagon. If you have been keeping up with the Coastal Modular Group Facebook, you would be up to date on all of our awesome projects. But, if you are like us and tend to get swamped over the holidays (hence lack of blogs), then lets get you up to speed.

What Our NJ Modular Home Company Has Been Up To

First, we have been busy breaking down houses like this one on Morris Avenue in Manasquan.

Home Demolition in NJ

It may seem easy, like our NJ modular home company can just take one house down and instantly put another one up. Unfortunately, it is not that quick and simple. We must clear the plot like we did at Jeffrey Drive in Beach Haven West.

Modular Home Building Process Plot Clearing

You can’t just throw a house on a slab of dirt. After Sandy, we make sure you are at the right height for your town with plenty of pilings.

Modular Home Building Process Pilings

All while this is going on where your home will be, our NJ modular home company is busy building your new modular home in our factory.

Modular Home Building Process

With our modular homes being put up all over New Jersey, you can only imagine how much fun we have been having.

Do you want to learn more about the modular home building process? Please call us at (732) 800-2447.

Try to Keep It Simple This Thanksgiving

One of the perks of living in a beautiful NJ modular home built by Coastal Modular Group is that you get to show it off around the holidays. We do our best with our interior designer to make each room flow to accommodate your lifestyle, and as a host/hostess you should check out our last blog post Get Ready for Thanksgiving: Kitchen Edition.

However, during the holidays you don’t just want show off your outside patio, but rather the size of the turkey and how gorgeous the side dishes look along with it. With the deep Mahogany dining room table set accordingly (see the image below), you can make both the food and the table the focus of your attention.

Formal Dining Setting

We love following other interior designers and when we came across this design we absolutely loved it. White pumpkins and plates put all the focus on the food. It is up to you to decide what simple design you want on your tablecloth just for a little flair.

We may love to work with our hands and build homes, but our interior designer can help you pull off amazing styles like this everyday. For more information on all of our services, call (732) 800-2447.

Get Ready For Thanksgiving: Kitchen Edition

Halloween seemed to blow right past us, and we can already see Christmas decorations in storefronts. But we have yet to pass one of our favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. So what does this holiday have to do with our NJ modular home business? Well, for one thing, it is much easier to host the holiday when you have the right kitchen design.
How the Right Kitchen in Your NJ Modular Home Can Reduce Stress During Thanksgiving
Coastal Modular Group goes to great lengths to ensure you are satisfied with not only the design of your NJ modular home, but also what is in it. We have an interior designer on staff to help you layout each room the way you want it, and also to help you pick out the essentials like kitchen appliances.
One of our favorite kitchen additions is the island. A kitchen island is perfect for separating the room into different work stations. You can also use the surrounding counters to lineup each dish you have finished and designate the island as your sole work station.
We also suggest the right appliances. For us, we like side-by-side doors on our refrigerators with the freezer located on the bottom. This design gives you plenty of options to layout the dishes that are to be kept cold, especially if you are prepping them days in advance.
Finally, we absolutely love our garbage disposals. This little device helps ensure your drains don’t get clogged, and, thus, makes cleaning up after the feast less of a hassle.
These are just a few of tips that can make Thanksgiving a little easier. As a company that build modular homes in New Jersey, we know a thing or two about planning ahead. We found this great infographic to help you plan ahead for the upcoming holiday!
The Ultimate Survival Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.


A Reminder To Keep Your Chin Up

A couple weeks ago we all heard the horrifying news that a stretch of the Seaside Boardwalk burned down. After all the hard times these business owners had since Hurricane Sandy, this came as a huge hit. There are two takeaways we can learn from this tragedy..

1. Inspect Your Property

The video above should serve as a reminder to inspect your property. The salt and sand causing slow, but steady, degradation of the wires are what caused the arc that sparked the fire. When buying an older home, the wiring may have never been changed, ever. This is something to keep in my when you are deciding to purchase a prebuilt home or if you decide to rebuild with us and start new with our NJ modular homes.

2. We Are Stronger Than We Think

People like Terry Bissell from Seaside, NJ can remind us of how strong we are. She is a “forever optimist,” and we support her view. It has only been a couple weeks, and already the demolition is underway. Taking action is how we beat the aftereffects of Hurricane Sandy, which is why New Jersey prevailed.

We highly suggest you take the time to inspect your home if you haven’t in a while. Think about any leaks you may have or any lights that seems dim. If possible, get an electrician out to your home to take a look. Also, with the upcoming hurricane season upon us, remember how we made it through the storm last year. There are still many people out there who are without homes, so be thankful you have the means to read this blog post.

One ‘Super Storm’ that Won’t Ruin Your Seaside Heights NJ Modular Home

“Super Storm” sounds like something most New Jersey residents would be terrified to hear. It is almost as bad as “Frankenstorm!” Yes, we remember that clever name too, and we also regret calling it that. However, you might be afraid of that phrase for a different reason than it attempting to flood your modular home in NJ.

We Beat It And Now We Mock Super Storm Sandy

Super Storm RideAs it continues to be rebuilt, the Casino Pier in Seaside Heights, NJ now has a new attraction, a wild ride called “Super Storm.” According the Casino Pier’s announcement on Facebook, they are “pleased to announce the opening of the first ride of its’ kind in the US!”

What is the ride like? Well,16 riders seated in an inward facing circle rotate a around the main arm as it does a complete inverted 360 degree circle around the center tower. Simple, non-throw up factor right? Yea, our lunch is churning too!

This just proves the resilience of New Jersey residents. Super Storm Sandy did an excessive amount of damage to the Casino Pier, and left one of its most popular roller coasters half sunken in the ocean. Instead of cowering, we decide it is better to make a ride people can “enjoy” and name it after the travesty that destroyed the pier. Ironic in a way, and also a way for us to show how strong we are.

For those are aren’t quite into riding rides themselves but want to too what the new attraction is like, here are two of the first video for “Super Storm.”

New Jersey Let’s Try to Finish Off the Summer Right

We can admit, despite the heatwave, this summer was a little slow. Even without the effects of Hurricane Sandy, it was either scorching hot to the point where you just wanted to be inside or it rained on and off. We even had a few days where it was actually chilly.

Places like Seaside Heights, NJ did not see the same droves of crowds like in the past years since some of it is still shut down. While towns like Asbury Park seemed to make a pretty good comeback, despite Beach Bar’s ceiling recently collapsing and some Convention Hall businesses closing because of it. Sandy Hook even made a large come back just in time for the beach season, and Sea Bright bounced back with a successful Dunes Day sans Donovan’s Reef.

Enjoy the Summer Before It Is Gone

Seaside Heights, NJ Boardwalk
Photo from Ed Murray of The Star Ledger/

The representatives at Coastal Modular Group don’t just put up modular homes in New Jersey, we are huge advocates of having as much fun as possible. Whether it is sipping cocktails at the local bars, playing games at the boardwalk, or swimming at the beach, we try to enjoy the summer to the fullest. All these activities help support the local community, and although summer is almost over, you have plenty of time to take part.

Simply check out Groupon and you will see deals from many local businesses trying to help the locals afford activities like whale/dolphin watching, mini golf, and rafting. Enjoy Six Flags before Fright Fest hits, watch the sunset from the top of Watermark, or simply make it a point to get away from your everyday activities and get to the beach before you have to wear a hoodie.


President Obama Speaks in Asbury Park, NJ

Just a few short days ago it was announced that President Obama was going to speek in Asbury Park, NJ. Thousands of people spent time on their Memorial Day Weekend on On Sunday, March 26th waiting in line at Convention Hall to get free tickets to witness the speech live.

If you weren’t one of the lucky ones to gain access, below is the full speech President Obama gave. As a local NJ modular home company, we at Coastal Modular Group are very proud and thankful to be up and running. We support all those who are struggling after Hurricane Sandy, and believe President Obama delivered the message of Jersy’s strength well.

Coastal Modular Group Supports Asbury Park, NJ with Modular Homes

Coastal Modular Group wants to help those in need after Hurricane Sandy, which is the purpose of the $25,000 giveaway currently running. Please enter, then enter again, and again! We promise it will better your odds. If you or anyone you know still needs information on rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy, please feel free to contact us at (732) 800-2447.
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