Coastal Modular Group Will Be On DIY Network’s Breakneck Builds

We are very excited to announce that Coastal Modular Group will be featured on the DIY Network.It may seem kind of contradictory that a network focusing on do-it-yourself types would feature a company like us, but it makes sense for their new show, Breakneck Builds.

Breakneck Builds follows construction crews as they build pre-fabricated homes before transporting and reassembling the homes on site for new homeowners in two days. A whole show dedicated to modular home building?!?! We are very, very excited!

According to Allison Page, general manager of DIY Network, “We present viewers with new and entertaining possibilities when it comes to home renovation…Breakneck Builds showcases innovative building methods that people may not have considered before..”

Going from a company that was based on helping our friends and families after Hurricane Sandy to excelling in our field so much that we are chosen to be featured on a brand new series is an honor. Coastal has come quite far, and we are still focused on building the best modular homes in NJ, which you can see here. Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos:


For more information on how your home can be quicker with modular methods rather than stick-build, call Coastal Modular Group today at 732-800-2447.

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