Common Questions for Purchasing a Modular Home in New Jersey: Before Building

Last week we wrote a blog post, sent out some emails, and hit our social networks about what questions you may have about building a new modular home in New Jersey. We will answer these questions and more in a series of blog posts to help you make a better decision about purchasing a home.

Before Building Your Modular Home

Rattle your mind with all the basic questions you can to find your location. Does proximity to oceans, mountains, schools, public transportation, or night life matter to you? Would you send your child to public or private school? Do you need a yard for animals, potential pool installation, or just because you want one? At what angle would the sun shine into to the house?

Cape Cod Modular Home in New Jersey Ranch Modular Home in New Jersey







What can you afford? As general guidance, your monthly mortgage payments should be no more than 29% of your gross income. Once you get your number you can start deciding the size and features of your NJ modular home. Ranch, cape cod, or two-story? Bay window, front or back porch, or two car garage? All things you may surprised you can or cannot afford.

Since you haven’t started building, you may want to find out from your potential neighbors or local assessor’s office what the average tax liability is. This could be crucial to making adjustments to your mortgage.

These are just a few things you should consider before purchasing property and building a modular home in New Jersey. Of course you will have personal choices too like proximity to your job, proximity to family members, and much more. If you have any other questions about pre-production of building a home, please feel free to call Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800-2447 or visiting


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