Homes NJ Residents Love: Sea Bright

We are nearing the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, and Coastal Modular Group just recently finished a project in one of the areas most devastated by the super-storm: Sea Bright, NJ.  In case you have moved on because you weren’t hit as hard, there are plenty of people who are still without homes. Please view the video like the one below to help you remember just how intense this storm was. However, this is a post about Sea Bright Homes NJ Residents Love, so hopefully after the video we can uplift your spirits.

Sea Bright was hit extremely hard as you can see. Pretty much the entire strip of land that has the Atlantic Ocean on the east and Shrewsbury River on the west was completely submerged in water. Quaint beach towns like this tend to have older homes, which had to be completely renovated or demolished and rebuilt. For residents who were just lost after the carnage, everyone at our NJ modular home company has been trying his/her hardest to bring back normalcy. Below is one of our most recent projects, and we are extremely happy to show how this little stylish shoreline home now sits on pillars according to the base flood elevations, and looks great while doing it. Even more interesting is this is one of our only stick built homes!

Sea Bright NJ Home Ready To Stand After the Next Storm


This beautiful home looks perfect right in front of the sea wall, but we are sure it would look gorgeous in any town in New Jersey. For more information on you can have a beautiful stick built or modular home in NJ by Coastal Modular Group, please call us at (732) 800-2447.

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