Hurricane Season Begins and Beach Replenishment is Being Done to Protect Our Homes

It is that time of year again. Beach replenishment may seem like a selfish act to provide wider beaches to fit more people on, but this is actually a necessary evil in order to protect places like our NJ modular homes.

Those dump trucks, bulldozers, and other giant machines come to the beach and seem to be an eye sore. However, that gallows of sand and water they are pumping will put more room between you and the Atlantic during hurricane season. Much of the sand will also turn into dunes.

Twenty Feet of Sand May Ruin the View From Your Balcony
But Your Jersey Shore Modular Home Will be Safe

It is official, Congress has authorized the building of dunes north or Harvey Cedars up to Sandy Hook, NJ. Funding has been established to get the project started, and with the $100 million we will all be seeing the progress on a local beach soon.

Although the dunes will be high and possibly change the ocean view you were used to on your beach front property, these dunes proved to save homes during Hurricane Sandy. As a barrier between you and the ocean, the dunes take the force from the waves and can direct them away from your home.

Eye-soar, maybe…but it is better than losing your home

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