Modular Homes in NJ Could Be Fire Resistant Like Australia’s

Just as we now have higher base flood elevations (BFE) for our modular homes in NJ because of Hurricane Sandy, Australia has set new standards for their modular homes. Picture the carnage New Jersey went through when Sandy brought high winds and high seas; now imagine this with fire. This is what Australia is combating against.

One of Australia’s major disasters includes the Black Saturday fires in 2009 that killed 173 people and destroyed 2000 homes. Like our BFE, Australia’s modular homes now must meet standards to protect against his type of disaster. They have implemented a Bushfire Attack Level in which the homes have to be able to withstand a certain amount of heat.

Though this is based on such a devastating circumstance, we believe the ability of these modular homes to withstand fire is impeccable. Much of California just went through, and is still battling, a drought, leaving many areas susceptible to fire. Though technology and research is new and recently implemented, modular home design and build is not susceptible to outside elements, so heat resistant homes can instantly be built in areas with high risk of fire much quicker

What Heat Resistant Modular Homes in NJ Could Look Like

Not only is the goal of this modular home design to resist against fire with its fibre cement sheet floor and slanted roof, but it also features open walls to allow a better connection with nature.

Though these designs are not available yet, as NJ modular home builders, we look forward to being able to offer forward-thinking designs like this in the future. For more information on our modular homes that are built to protect against hurricanes, call us today at (732) 800-2447.

You can also read more about these beautiful Australian designs:

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