Get Ready For Thanksgiving: Kitchen Edition

Halloween seemed to blow right past us, and we can already see Christmas decorations in storefronts. But we have yet to pass one of our favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. So what does this holiday have to do with our NJ modular home business? Well, for one thing, it is much easier to host the holiday when you have the right kitchen design.
How the Right Kitchen in Your NJ Modular Home Can Reduce Stress During Thanksgiving
Coastal Modular Group goes to great lengths to ensure you are satisfied with not only the design of your NJ modular home, but also what is in it. We have an interior designer on staff to help you layout each room the way you want it, and also to help you pick out the essentials like kitchen appliances.
One of our favorite kitchen additions is the island. A kitchen island is perfect for separating the room into different work stations. You can also use the surrounding counters to lineup each dish you have finished and designate the island as your sole work station.
We also suggest the right appliances. For us, we like side-by-side doors on our refrigerators with the freezer located on the bottom. This design gives you plenty of options to layout the dishes that are to be kept cold, especially if you are prepping them days in advance.
Finally, we absolutely love our garbage disposals. This little device helps ensure your drains don’t get clogged, and, thus, makes cleaning up after the feast less of a hassle.
These are just a few of tips that can make Thanksgiving a little easier. As a company that build modular homes in New Jersey, we know a thing or two about planning ahead. We found this great infographic to help you plan ahead for the upcoming holiday!
The Ultimate Survival Guide to Hosting Thanksgiving

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