3 Phases of Prefab Modular Homes After Foundation Is Set

“Prefab modular homes” tends to make people believe their homes are delivered with absolutely everything done and they can move in the day the home is set. However, once your modular home is delivered and set at your site, we have just a few more things to tidy up. Coastal Modular Group breaks this process down in 3 phases in order to ensure everything has gone smoothly and looks perfect. You can also learn more about the advantages of prefab modular homes in NJ here.

Before You Move Into Your New Prefab Modular Home

Phase 1: Nothing?

You are probably very excited after seeing your modular home delivered and then built right in front of you. However, now it looks like nothing is happening. You are in what is called the “Rough Ins” phase. The layout of basic lines are being made, but we aren’t making the full connections. Additionally, the plumbing, electric, and hvac are being laid out. So, as it may look like we abandoned you, we are actual taking care of some of the most critical parts of your new home.

Phase 2: Bring It Together, Cover it up

Prefab Home Sheetrock InstallationLet’s add some layers, shall we? All of the plumbing, electrical, and hvac have been installed, but the inside of your house isn’t looking too great with bare wires and pipes on the walls. At this time we add the sheetrock to your home’s walls at the module connection points. These connection points are crucial because we can remove an entire section of the home at these points to install another, so the sheetrock has to end at these points. Once the sheetrock is installed, we can make these walls look prettier. We add the trim for some accent, and all of the interior walls will be painted.

Phase 3: Design Fun and Almost Done

Prefab Home Granite InstallationAfter all the hard work of deciding the interior design of your home, we can finally get to it. Your hardwood flooring, carpet, granite, tiles and other various pieces will be installed. Your modular home will also receive the necessary inspections at this time. These inspections include fire, electric, plumbing, building, final- as-built survey, homeowner warranty, and certificate of occupancy.



Not so bad, right? Of course we know you are anxious to move in, but you don’t want to call us every single day for an update. The good news is we have a solution. Follow along with the process with our customer portal at: http://www.coastalmodulargroup.com/customer_login.php.

Photos of Coastal Modular Group On DIY Network’s Breakneck Builds

A few week ago we announced DIY Network will be featured Coastal Modular Group on the new show ‘Breackneck Builds.’ If you missed it, please visit: http://coastalmodulargroup.com/blog/coastal-modular-group-on-diy-tvs-breakneck-builds/.

DIY’s film crew followed our crew around for days while we manufactured the home in the factory, delivered it to the new site in Bay Head, then assembled it. Seems that simple, right?

Much more goes into modular home building than you may think. Breakneck Builds will show just how diverse modular building can be. Unfortunately, people still have the negative connotation that all modular homes look the same or are built with cheap materials. This episode alone is an example of the quality and uniqueness of the homes we build.

For example, Bay Head, NJ was hit quite hard by Hurricane Sandy. This town is located right by the ocean, and, even without a super storm, is susceptible to the salt water in the air and flooding. In order to help combat this, we used Eco Building Products like Eco Red Shield lumber that defends against the elements of rising tides, high winds, rotting, and seismic activity.

Even though there was a film crew, a photographer caught all the behind-the-scenes action. Here are just a few of our favorite shots of the day.

Breakneck Builds in Bay Head, NJ with Coastal Modular Group

Only six photos? Nope, the crew of Breakneck Builds was with us for a very,very long time and there are many, many more photos. However, this is your chance to  visit us on Google+. We have put together a gorgeous album of all the photos from the Bay Head, NJ build, and would love for you to check them out.


We would love to thank the crew of Breakneck Builds and everyone from DIY Network for their hard work and for featuring our modular home company. For more information on modular homes, Eco Building Products, or how our RREM Pathway B company can rebuild your home after Hurricane Sandy, please contact Coastal Modular Group here or call (732) 800-2447.

Coastal Modular Group Is a RREM Pathway B Contractor for Sandy Grant Recipients

A few more Hurricane Sandy victims will soon receive grant money from New Jersey thanks to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  $110 million of the $1.83 billion in Community Development Block Grants will be moved to into the Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, Elevation and Mitigation (RREM) grant program. This means some homeowners with receive up to $150,000 for storm repairs. This means about 1,000 more homeowners will receive funding through this grant.

For the few fortunate homeowners who receive money through the RREM Pathway B grant, there are a few guidelines. First, by choosing Pathway B, you are responsible for hiring your own contractor. You will have to certify that you have engaged a contractor, and the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) will have to verify that contractor. You will then receive a check for 50% of your RREM grant.

Why You Should Choose Coastal Modular Group as Your Pathway B Home Builder

As a Pathway B contractor, Coastal Modular Group is an approved Pathway B Builder. We will help you through the process of receiving your grant money. After two and a half years of being out of your home, our modular home company will be able to construct your home quickly in a controlled indoor facility, so that we can set it on your property and get you moved back into your new home. This one of the many benefits to modular construction especially since the grant money is being allocated during these frigid winter months.

Energy Star PartnerWe promise to treat you as our friend and neighbor because you are. In many cases your home will have to meet Green Retrofit and Energy Star standards, which Coastal Modular Group is certified in both. In fact, we are an Approved Energy Star Partner. You can read more about our green/energy efficient modular home here.

Additionally, our superior products like Eco Red Shield™ by Eco Building Products are perfect to make your home stronger and more environmentally friendly. Eco Red Shield™ provides protection against mold, termites, wood-rot decay, and fire.

Pathway B homeowners still need to protect themselves from contractors who are not knowledgeable or do not have your best interest in mind. We would love to help you rebuild your home the way you want it while using our modular home expertise so you can return to your normal life quickly.

For more information, please call Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800 – 2447.

3 Stories & 6 Bedrooms Made Entirely of Eco Red Shield Lumber

In a few of our last posts we have been focusing on our green building techniques because it is such an essential part Coastal Modular Group’s modular home construction. Today, we are proud to tell you we have ordered our  first full-house pack of Eco Red Shield™ by Eco Building Products.

Why Eco Red Shield Is Important for Modular Home Construction

What does this mean? Well, for us it is another huge step in building a greener home, but for the homeowners it is peace-of-mind and an environmentally conscious decision they can feel great about.

The homeowners of this Bay Head, NJ project have chosen to use Eco Red Shield™ as the lumber to frame their ENTIRE home. Why is this such a smart choice? Not only does this lumber preserve the environment as much as possible, but the homeowners’ three-story, six-bedroom home will have enhanced, eco-friendly protection against mold, termites, wood-rot decay, and fire. Eco Building Products even backs their lumber with a 10-year warranty!

Can you imagine the image below filled with wasteful lumber that does not preserve the environment? Coastal Modular Group truly urges you to take this into consideration when building your modular home. With all of the benefits of Eco Building Products, green building is the smarter choice anyway.

Eco Red Shield Lumber Full House Pack

We are very dedicated to making modular homes better for New Jersey residents. You can read more about our Eco-Defensive Builder Certification here: http://coastalmodulargroup.com/blog/eco-certified-modular-homes-in-nj/.

Are you ready to take the right step in building your modular home? Call Coastal Modular Group today at (732) 800-2447. We will gladly show you the price difference and advantages of choosing our green building products like Eco Red Shield™. It may start with the frame, but eco-friendly products are available your your entire home.

Coastal Modular Group Will Be On DIY Network’s Breakneck Builds

We are very excited to announce that Coastal Modular Group will be featured on the DIY Network.It may seem kind of contradictory that a network focusing on do-it-yourself types would feature a company like us, but it makes sense for their new show, Breakneck Builds.

Breakneck Builds follows construction crews as they build pre-fabricated homes before transporting and reassembling the homes on site for new homeowners in two days. A whole show dedicated to modular home building?!?! We are very, very excited!

According to Allison Page, general manager of DIY Network, “We present viewers with new and entertaining possibilities when it comes to home renovation…Breakneck Builds showcases innovative building methods that people may not have considered before..”

Going from a company that was based on helping our friends and families after Hurricane Sandy to excelling in our field so much that we are chosen to be featured on a brand new series is an honor. Coastal has come quite far, and we are still focused on building the best modular homes in NJ, which you can see here. Here are a few behind-the-scenes photos:


For more information on how your home can be quicker with modular methods rather than stick-build, call Coastal Modular Group today at 732-800-2447.

Truly Green Products for Modular Homes in NJ

Here at Coastal Modular Group we are making every effort to make a difference in home building. One of the biggest topics in modern home design is being building green, which is why we are proud to be Eco Defensive Certified builders. To make more moves in the right direction, our designs keep upon the latest trends in green building and designing so you will benefit from more efficient and environmentally friendly products.

Recently, we have found this amazing online series called “The Green Police.” The hosts, Michael Anschel and Carl Seville, recently attended the 2014 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo to find products you can truly call “green.” From masonry to irrigation and more, you get an inside look at some of the best products on the market.

Although you would expect us to focus on the masonry and wall paneling products because it relates directly to home construction, we found two products we thought our customers would love.

First, if you don’t already know, Coastal Modular Group has an in-house interior designer. When is comes to green interiors, many people may think re-purposed wood furnishings or maybe those CFL swirly light bulbs that were all the rage and saved you a few dollars each year. However, our designer is looking very forward to the mass acceptance of the new OLEDS ( organic LEDs) lighting systems. It only takes about two or three watts to power these lights, but rather than us explain, watch the pros this video:

OLEDS Soon To Make Modular Homes in NJ Much More Energy Efficient

The Second product we are very excited for is the Water Fence designed by 15-year-old Steven McDowell. Wouldn’t it be nice to save 320 gallons of water with just one fence panel? Plus, it looks way nicer than your average rain-barrel. Although we are in the rainy season, it is important to remember New Jersey has had pretty severe droughts in the past. See how awesome this fence looks and works in the following video:

Water Fence – Your Defense Against Drought


These are just a few products you will soon see taking over the green building market. For more information on how you can have a green nj modular home, call Coastal Modular Group today at (732) 888-2447.

See the Advantages of Modular Homes: Infographic

If you have been reading the Coastal Modular Group bog, you would have seen a few posts about the advantages of modular homes in NJ opposed to stick built. It is easy to understand there is a quicker build time for modular homes because outside elements don’t impact the building process as much. However, have you simply absorbed this information and moved on to what your kitchen or bathroom might look like?

Below is an infographic we found that will help you truly see why constructing modular homes is much more efficient than stick built. Yes, we do know the graphic show the construction of a store, but the concept is the same.

The most crucial part in the inforgraphic is at the 10-day mark. You can see at the same time the site development starts, so does your home. This is where time and efficiency of modular building trumps that of stick building. Instead of the store opening in the graphic, you will be fully moved into your new home. In fact, this graphic says 90-days, but in some cases, we can get your home built and you moved in earlier than that.

To top off the advantages of modular homes, the infographic also includes environmental benefits. We love this part because Coastal is a big fan of green building! Even without the use of recycled materials, your choice of building modular would reduce carbon emissions since of the lower number of vehicles and trips it takes to get your home delivered.

We hope this guide helps clarify what our other blog posts and content on our site explain. Our modular homes in NJ have so many benefits, and we would love for you to take advantage of them. Call Coastal Modular Group today at (732) 800-2447 to get in your new home quicker.

Visualize Your Own Modular Home Construction

Modular Buildings: Modern Method of Construction

Ocean County Vocational Technical School Learns About Building Modular Homes in NJ

Ocean County Vocational School Learns About Modualr Homes in NJCoastal Modular Group loves to stay active in the community and lend a helping hand whenever possible. We have donated our time and expertise to companies like the Visitation Relief Center and we have sponsored community events like the ProPlayers Football Camp. Recently, we decided to directly help the students of today by teaching those at the Ocean County Vocational Technical School (OCVTS) learn how we build modular homes in NJ.

Students Learn Current Modular Home Building Practices

One of the problems of the current job market is students aren’t always learning the best practices. Of course they learn the fundamentals, but the world is changing quite rapidly and many graduating students don’t know all of the options available to them. For instance, carpentry has basic sets of rules in the building process, which can be applied to the construction of a home. However, these students might be turned off to home building thinking they have to work in the cold during the winter and heat in the summer.

Our NJ modular home company aimed to help students at OCVTS understand there are more options. Modular homes are built inside factories, so if these students don’t want to work outside, they can apply their skills to work on modular homes. Trends like these are very important especially since our evolving world is seeking to be more efficient and leave less of an impact on the environment. Understanding the importance of green building can help these students land jobs for Eco Defensive Certified builders like Coastal.

We have to admit it felt great to talk to students who were extremely interested in the building process. Many of the students have built homes with Habitat for Humanity, and the information we delivered really intrigued them even more about the options they have in home building.

Coastal Modular Group Donates to Ocean County Vocational SchoolIn addition to presenting, we donated $1,000 to the Ocean County Vocational Technical Education Association Scholarship Fund in hopes we can better the organization and students’ lives even more.

If you would like Coastal Modular Group to present to your institute’s students, please contact us today at (732) 800-2447.

Pieces of Modular Homes In NJ Can Be More Affordable if Made In America

Remember the days when mass production was all the rage and America used to important as much as possible? While many modular homes in NJ were still built with domestic made materials, many materials such as tiles and appliances were imported for cheap and efficient means. However, the trend is soon to switch.

Our Modular Homes in NJ Feature Many Domestic Made Details

Below is a video from Builder Magazine which focuses on two products proudly created in America. One product in particular, tiling, is becoming more affordable to purchase domestically rather than importing. Additionally, you can choose a custom tile to match you custom modular home design and still keep the price lower than an import.

As companies like Behr Paints spread the color spectrum and the abilities of paint (wouldn’t solar reflective paint be nice and keep some money in your pocket), it is becoming more important to support their efforts. Your modular home won’t just look great, but you will be supporting our nation’s economy.

Coastal Modular Group will gladly work with you to find the perfect domestic made products for your home. In addition to our staff of builder, we have a dedicated interior designer ready for your project. For more information on how you can customize your modular home, please call us today at (732) 800-2447.