Photos of Coastal Modular Group On DIY Network’s Breakneck Builds

A few week ago we announced DIY Network will be featured Coastal Modular Group on the new show ‘Breackneck Builds.’ If you missed it, please visit:

DIY’s film crew followed our crew around for days while we manufactured the home in the factory, delivered it to the new site in Bay Head, then assembled it. Seems that simple, right?

Much more goes into modular home building than you may think. Breakneck Builds will show just how diverse modular building can be. Unfortunately, people still have the negative connotation that all modular homes look the same or are built with cheap materials. This episode alone is an example of the quality and uniqueness of the homes we build.

For example, Bay Head, NJ was hit quite hard by Hurricane Sandy. This town is located right by the ocean, and, even without a super storm, is susceptible to the salt water in the air and flooding. In order to help combat this, we used Eco Building Products like Eco Red Shield lumber that defends against the elements of rising tides, high winds, rotting, and seismic activity.

Even though there was a film crew, a photographer caught all the behind-the-scenes action. Here are just a few of our favorite shots of the day.

Breakneck Builds in Bay Head, NJ with Coastal Modular Group

Only six photos? Nope, the crew of Breakneck Builds was with us for a very,very long time and there are many, many more photos. However, this is your chance to  visit us on Google+. We have put together a gorgeous album of all the photos from the Bay Head, NJ build, and would love for you to check them out.


We would love to thank the crew of Breakneck Builds and everyone from DIY Network for their hard work and for featuring our modular home company. For more information on modular homes, Eco Building Products, or how our RREM Pathway B company can rebuild your home after Hurricane Sandy, please contact Coastal Modular Group here or call (732) 800-2447.

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