Watch As We Construct One of Our Modular Homes in NJ

One of the marvels of modular homes is seeing the entire home delivered in prefabricated sections. There are literally entire rooms ready to be snapped together like legos! One of the representatives of Coastal Modular Group will gladly explain the entire process of building modular homes in NJ, but to better understand the delivery and construction you should watch the video below.

This modular home was built in Beach Haven West, NJ. If you remember the coverage of Hurricane Sandy, you might recall how badly this location was hit. Building codes in this area are strict, and residents still want their beautiful homes despite having to raise them high on pillars. Overall, this family is getting an attractive, strong modular home design to enjoy all year round.

Almost seems too easy. Of course the sections of the home were built in a factory, so the process was very quick as the weather did not seize production. Once the home is constructed, you can go to work with the interior painting and furnishing. For modular homes NJ residents can rely on, call Coastal Modular Group at (732) 800-2447.

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