View this Video and Toyota Will Donate a Meal to a Sandy Victim

Yes, it is that simple! Watch the YouTube video below and Toyota will donate a meal to victims of Hurricane Sandy who are still trying to recover.

These are the projects Coastal Modular Group loves, and this is why we gave away $25,000 towards a new NJ modular home. As successful businesses, we should all be giving back to those who are still struggling. Although we are located in New Jersey, we support the workers at Toyota for all they are doing for Rockaway, NY and the Food Bank of New York.

With the support of the online community the Meals Per Hour project landed on the front page of Reddit and went viral! We hope our supporters pass this video along to their friends and push more meals out to Hurricane Sandy victims in need.

If you know of any other amazing charitable causes like this, please let us know in the comments section. We would love to promote your cause.

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